Aug 2, 2013

~ more rooms of color

Ok I lied. In honor of July, I posted the red room, the blue room and the white room.. Then, I couldn't resist doing the green room, the most likely option for me, and although I told you I was done, how could I pass up the opportunity to share these "other" rooms saturated with color?
The yellow room

The yellow oval room at the White House...

  The purple room

The orange room

Ok now I'm done. Promise.

(Images from Pinterest)

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Katie Clooney said...

I have two yellow rooms in my home and love them. Great photos! Have a wonderful weekend, Jan.

BRASWELL said...

Yellow, yes please! I adore orange with lavender + to mix those colors is divine.

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

This is why I love your blog!!!! You give me my color fix in one fell swoop! Thank you for the beautiful images. Have a great weekend.
xo Nancy