Oct 3, 2013

~ what I brought home

I have noticed that my favorite line used while antiquing doesn't seem to be as apropos these days. In the past, I have always relied on the fact that if I buy what I love, I will find a place for it. However recently I have been a bit more selective about bringing home what I love. I am losing confidence that I'll be able to find a place for it. It seems I'm running out of room. 

That being said, I managed to make a few purchases at the Show. After all, it was my year! A great line to use on my husband. Believe me, he is as relieved as I am that this Show is over.

Here we go...

I bought a man. You don't get more french country than Solomon Suchard. Their booth is always one of my favorite stops. My new man is so handsome and charming! (As is my original man :) 

Also from Solomon Suchard, these beautiful urns. I can't imagine anything prettier for the dining room sconces! You may remember from this post that a pair of something wonderful was on the list! 

I remember hanging these myself somewhat pitifully and I'm worried they aren't 100% secure to add something on top. That is going to be a weekend project... Reinforce hanging of sconces! 

Here is the salt & pepper lady I bought from Solomon & Suchard a couple years ago at the Show. I love her so much. My son knocked her on our brick floors and she was shattered about a year ago. I called Solomon & Suchard and they sent me to a wonderful artist in Chicago who spends hours meticulously putting broken antiques back together. Now it's like brand new. Or brand old... whatever. If you need an antique repaired perfectly, let me know. It might take a year, but it's better than throwing the pieces away!

My sister-in-law picked this plate stand out for me from Parrin & Co. 
Charming, isn't it? 

My bees!

Trace Mayer was a huge hit with these adorable and clever bees made from antique frame fragments. The possibilities are endless...

And remember, he doesn't only have bees...
I told Trace I wanted this one the second I saw it. Love that turquoise color with the cameo!

Such a nice little surprise on bookshelves!

Another purchase from Parrin & Co...

Laurel leaf crowns and sprays were given as awards in France and Belgium for service achievements just as we use trophies today.

I have been looking for a pair of candlesticks for my master bathroom, and I found just the perfect pair from Nufangle Antiques... 

Well, not completely perfect. They are "prickets" which have spikes on top. One was broken off which makes it much easier to add a candle. I need to break off the other one, but I'm too nervous!   The spike is too big to push the candle on... it would break the candle into pieces.

 From Barley Twist, this darling tassel for the patio... 

Another successful year at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show! I adore coming home and placing the beautiful new antiques!

Remember this post about the copycat napkins? Well I have just received mine and I couldn't be more pleased. This tobacco color is fabulous with the white.

And now I am off to Chicago to do some more moving into Hillary's apartment. Will try to get some photos put together for a post on the speakers and special guests from the Show ~ so impressive and truly unforgettable! And of course, the next round of improvements to Hillary's apartment!

I decided it was appropriate to give Hillary one of my first antique boxes. It will be charming in her apartment, and something I bet she'll have for a long time. On top are two adorable paintings from none other than Kyle Robino...

Busy weekend, busy week!

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BRASWELL said...

Adore the things you brought home + can't wait for more photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Deborah Wilkins said...

I love those bees!!!!!!!!! In fact, I love anything with bees on it!

Deborah Wilkins said...

I love those bees!!!!!!!! In fact, I love anything with bees on it!

Rachel Uchizono said...

I love how you have displayed your "new man". The color of the wall is incredible!