Nov 29, 2013

~ the scout guide

Remember this post on Kyle Robino and her gorgeous flowers? They were for a photo shoot on my patio, and I promised to share the finished product in September...

Well, it's December. But Scout Guide Omaha is finally out!

Ta da...

Thanks to Kyle and Daniel and Vanessa!

(See pics from the Scout is Out Party here)

Flowers: Old Market Habitat
Photography: Mullers
Scout Editor: Vanessa Barrett

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Nov 27, 2013

~ happy thanksgiving

Hoping your Thanksgiving week is a special one...

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Nov 26, 2013

~ large and in charge

In honor of my 25th wedding anniversary, I thought this post appropriate. When it comes to diamonds, as only Honey Boo Boo could put it, "Mo' bigga is mo' betta"

Did you read about the pink star diamond? This 59.60 carat vivid pink diamond fetched a world record $83 million in Geneva this month…

Now that's a biggun'

Combining large diamonds with Honey Boo Boo jargon in a post takes a special thought process…

(all images from my baubles board on Pinterest)

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Nov 21, 2013

~ found the find

I have reported on the awesomeness of The Find in Chicago twice before. Each time thanks to the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair ~ 2012 and 2013. Finding The Find was a wonderful thing each time, and on my most recent trip to Chicago, I found The Find yet again.

I was anxious to visit the actual shop as opposed to seeing only a selection of their merchandise at the Antiques Fair. Well worth the effort, and lots to see. Check it out...

Love these beautiful mounted door knockers...

If you are into turtle shells, they have a nice selection...

 Well what do you know… That infamous Scalamandre fabric!
 (explanatory post here)

Lots of beautiful marble grapes...

We loved these vintage painter palletes..

Lots of boxes to see...

Hillary went nuts over this LV trunk. Normally, Louis Vuitton trunks are in the $20,000 range. This piece is a fraction of the cost ~ the LV design is painted on! Very clever...

Antique books aplenty...

Visiting The Find will be a must for every future trip to Chicago.
Visit their website here.

Just across the street, we happened into an interesting interiors shop,

You won't find ordinary here...

Swanky and fun!

Not enough change to report on Hillary's apartment. She has big ideas and big dreams for the next steps. Perhaps after the holidays there will be more to reveal...

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