Nov 18, 2013

~ happy menocal

Thanks to some holiday inspiration this weekend, it seemed like a good idea to see what Oprah and Gwyneth were recommending

Happy Menocal is my newest favorite find!

Happy is one clever artist. Her custom heraldry is absolutely charming and super spiffy...

She is a painter of many things including pets...

And other randomness...

But I'm most taken with the heraldry… 

Have something to commemorate? 
Want a pet portrait?
Need a family crest? 

Visit her website here.

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La Petite Gallery said...

That fox painting is beautiful. How nice of you to promote this Artist.
Wishing you a lovely November.

therelishedroost said...

Thats just great!! I love that idea for a great gift.. maybe even to myself!
THanks for sharing, Karolyn


Fantastic, I really love it !!!
Thanks you !