Nov 1, 2013

~ monogram particulars

I feel that I've been remiss. In my last post about monograms, I concentrated on only one of the resources I've used recently for monogramming. I have received many emails inquiring about napkins and sheets and monograms, and I feel compelled to do a more informative post featuring some major monogram information. PS If monograms are not your thing, this post will be a complete snoozefest.

This image of monogrammed cookies has nothing to do with this post, except for the fact that they are monogrammed and I think they are awesome.

It all started with this lovely table from Carolyne Roehm. I'm telling  you, I have researched and acquired about everything on this damn table. Glassware? Check. Aptware? Check. (Please, that will be an entirely new and in depth post coming soon.) Linens with monograms? Check.

And so the crazy search for the monogrammed linens began...

Rest assured, I found them. Daisy Hill is a wonderful resource located in Louisville, KY. They do not have an interactive website, but are charming and helpful and accommodating over the phone or through email. 

Here are my specimens…

Visit Daisy Hill here. The contact info can be found on their website.

After finding Daisy Hill, I remembered a lovely shop in Savannah, GA. Number Four Eleven also carries Daisy Hill linens (among many others) and they have an outstanding interactive website.
You can view all the monograms they offer, and when you see one you like, you can see each letter in that monogram choice. 

I love this monogram...

Check out their impressive selection of thread choices… 


Here is one of their Daisy Hill napkins offered on line. (You can special order any color..) I am pretty obsessed with that picot edge.  I've just ordered 2 sets of napkins from Number Four Eleven, and some placemats. 

 Visit Number Four Eleven here

Next up is Madison Dallas. I found these napkins on Pinterest and went on a mad search on the internet until I found them.

 And here's my version...

I also ordered the same monogram on towels…

I'm obsessed with the unusual raised and striped monogram!

Here are some other napkins from Madison

Many of you asked about this monogram belonging to my sister-in-law. With the raised, striped monogram, they must be from Madison as well.. 

Madison has an interactive website, although many of the specialty options are not available online. I have had great luck with calling and emailing!

Visit Madison Dallas here.

Next up, the monogrammed bedding at Hillary's new apartment...

Peacock Alley Emma Sheeting and Scalloped Pique...

A wonderful color selection and interactive website…

Visit Peacock Alley here.

The monogram in Hillary's bathroom...

This wooden monogram is from an Etsy shop. We ordered it unfinished and Hillary painted it herself. For the life of me, I can not find the name of the shop we ordered this one from. I have searched extensively and have finally given up. Luckily, there are hundreds of offerings on Etsy

Visit Etsy shops here to see wooden monograms.
(see update below!)

I found Hillary's towels on Gilt for a great price. We had them monogrammed here in Omaha at a newly opened shop, Mine

Mine does not have a website but you can find their contact information here

As I described in detail in this post, I ordered my monogrammed towels from Neiman Marcus. When the monogram showed up with am M instead of a V, I took them to Austin's Embroidery here in Omaha to take out the wrong monogram and re-monogram correctly. 

Visit Austin's Embroidery here.

I am obsessed with this R monogram featured on Danielle's book, Soiree...

It's from Walker Valentine… another new favorite of mine. The flowery monogram isn't hard to find… it's called Danielle :)
More beautiful monograms from Walker Valentine

Visit Walker Valentine here.

 And of course, let's not forget Leontine Linens, the mother of all monogram shops… I did a post on them here.

Dying over this monogram...
Leontine Linens has a beautiful interactive website, however it is for exploring, not ordering. 

Visit Leontine Linens here.

I am exhausted with monograms. I have spent too much time on them recently and need a break. I have a few more orders coming in and will share them upon arrival… but for now, I'm passing the baton to you!

**UPDATE: A reader just reminded me that the monogram from Hillary's bathroom is from Southern Proper Monogram! here

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The enchanted home said...

Fabulous post that I am bookmarking! I love your napkins and love the edge too..that would be my choice. Thanks for the clarifications, as I will definitely be placing an order!
Sounds like your monogram shopping days are far from over though.....:)

marlene said...
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marlene said...

Thank you for this wonderful post on these exquisite monograms. Those of us whom love monograms and beautiful linens are so appreciative of the time you have put in this post and giving us the sources where we can purchase them. I always look forward to seeing The French Tangerine in my mailbox for I know it will be stunning!! You never disappoint.

therelishedroost said...

There is something so sharp about having a monogram incorporated into a room! I love the striped monogram that is gorgeous!! Will check that out for sure,
Have a great weekend!

Cindy Albert said...

These are just beautiful! Lots of great information. Thank you.

Susan Lester said...

Wow, Jan! I just found your blog by way of Pinterest and it is truly lovely! Just looking at your post, I felt like I'd been invited to a party.

My blog is:

I look forward to speinding more time perusing yours.

BRASWELL said...

thank you, thank you, just adore Monograms + will bookmark this post.

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous monograms on beautiful linens.

Stunning tablescapes. I am drooling over all I saw.