Nov 15, 2013

~ thanksgiving table

So is your table all planned? Are you totally ready? If you are still seeking inspiration for a Thanksgiving table, perhaps you will find it here... 

These plates are quite possibly the most beautiful I've ever seen...

Hope your preparations are going smoothly!
Most images are from Carolyne Roehm ~ all are from Pinterest

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Denise said...

Love all the centerpieces and the lavender and white plates.The Friendly Village set is Mine.It's always looked great for Thanksgiving and Christmas.Denise

therelishedroost said...

All stunning mow I am getting psyched for table setting this Thanksgiving!

Bonnie said...

Exquisite images. Thank you.

BRASWELL said...

these are beautiful + CR + pintrest, can't get much better than that + Thanksgiving here I come

La Petite Gallery said...

These are such fabulous
table settings. You have
inspired me to making
a different look this year.
Happy Thanksgiving Jan.