Jan 17, 2014

~ dinner is served

You've heard all about the table setting for the dinner party, and if you visited Set Sip Serve, you've seen the menu and recipes. (Also featured on my Christmas dinner post..) A fall/winter favorite including several contenders for the comfort food category, this menu is a go-to for easy and delicious recipes. 

My favorite dessert ~ the famous recipe from my friend Sarah can be found on Set Sip Serve… here.

We served wine from St. Emilion - from our trip last year!

For takeaways, I had been craving chocolate chip cake - a childhood recipe - so instead of buying macarons, I sent a homemade treat home with the guests…

I used tissue paper for color and nestled the cakes inside with parchment paper...

Enclosed the recipe, just in case...
**UPDATE: A reader just asked about the 1/2 C eggs.. it's a mistake! Just skip that line!


If you missed it, this party is featured on Set Sip Serve

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Anonymous said...

Your guests were fortunate to get an invitation from you! So much thought and time went into that dinner - what a gift, not to mention the cake!!

BRASWELL said...

I agree with jayne what a gift + dinner looks divine. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy New Year and I must say, you really have style and good taste.
What a lovely way to send them home..yvonne