Jan 18, 2014

~ grocery store plants/flowers

I really like kalanchoe plants. I think they look french country. I actually go into panic mode during November/December because they are much harder to find… the few that are ordered are typically hidden behind the enthusiastic poinsettia and christmas cactus displays. It's one thing I have to look forward to in January… the kalanchoes are back! I love the variations of orange, and I really love the white ones. So charming!

Obviously still obsessed with ivy...

and grocery store flowers…

 A trip to the grocery store definitely brightens up the gray (and windy and freezing) days of January… 

PS I had a couple readers notice the "1/2 C eggs" on the Chocolate Chip Cake recipe from my last post. I hope no one made the recipe with this egg mistake! 

Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe with no mistakes:

1 box Duncan Hines yellow cake mix
1/4 C water
2 eggs
1/2 C vegetable oil
1/4 C brown sugar
6 oz chocolate chips

Grease and flour 9" square pan
Cook at 375 for 20-25 minutes
Do not overcook :)

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Just Spiff It said...

I just made a trip to our nursery to refresh our house plants yesterday - never can have too much ivy in my opinion. Love all of your purchases - they look lovely!

The French Hutch said...

Hi Jann, Your lovely home is such inspiration. I love how you use color and it works! Like you I hardly ever get past the floral section of my supermarket, yesterday I came home with white hyacinth, daffodils and tulips. Now I'm still enjoying a maidenhair fern from Christmas. Your gorgeous Quimper jardiniere filled with Ivy sure got my attention! Beautiful post............

Cheryl said...

Hi jan, I am so inspired! Can't wait to go to trader joes and update my flowers. Love the centerpiece you created.

Libby said...

Jan: Take a look at my blog and see the most lovely yellow tulips from our local grocery store, Harris Teeter. I agree: flowers are absolutely necessary to make it through the winter!

Sarah said...

Jann, I spied a beautiful Quimper jardiniere on the dining room table. Do you have other pieces of Quimper. If so, please share so we can see. '-)
I have to add green plants around the house too. I should add some kalanchoes. Thanks for the inspiration.

Fly Away Home said...

The grocery store flowers have been fabulous this month. I am overwhelmed by the array of colors!

Everyone is selling tulips (coral!) Prices have been wonderful - between $4 - $7 for a large bunch. Spray and long stem roses in peach, rose, yellow, and white have been abundant.

Isn't it enough to make you ache for Spring? :)

lrcrpr said...

I can always rely on your gorgeous photographs of your exquisite home to brighten my day. I, too buy a lot of ivy and mini boxwood topiaries for my kitchen and family rooms. I have been admiring all of your lovely wooden (woven) baskets. Do you mind me asking where you purchase them from? I would love to add some to my home... they truly add a comfy touch! Your home is absolutely beautiful. Thank as, as always for sharing it with us! Leslie