Feb 16, 2014

~ nashville part 1

I feel that I am becoming somewhat of an expert when it comes to antique shows. I have been to so many in the last few years! In fact, it seems I spend more time hugging dealers I have become friends with, than antique shopping!

The latest location? Nashville... a wonderful show! 
The Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville

Caroline Faison Antiques was my first stop and turned out to be one of my favorite finds. They are from Greensboro! I fly into Greensboro to visit Brookes at High Point University! Can not wait to visit the shop next time I'm in town...

I'm not sure what these are, but aren't they beautiful?

What a treat to see Linda Horsley Antiques from Atlanta! I have bought things from them online, and I was thrilled to meet Gil Horsley in person. We have emailed back and forth many times about antiques on their website. 

I remembered Finnegan Gallery from our trip to the Chicago show last year. Loved their booth as much this time as I did in Chicago. 

Still had these charming beds..

Essex Antiquarians is another favorite of mine. 

So happy to see my friend Mignon! What a great booth. 

Garden Variety.. a charming display for sure..

Brocante from Baton Rouge...

I remembered Jesse Davis from Atlanta.. He has some of the prettiest majolica I've ever seen.. 

R. Ege from St. Louis

Loved Hedgerow Antiques from Atlanta...

Any shops that have a website are linked. If there's no website to link to, I look for Facebook or some other social media site.. 

More Nashville Antique Show coming up…

(And another amazing inspired home!)

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Sarah said...

Jan, I was in Nashville for the Antique and Garden Show too. Wonderful time! Funny, I think we took some of the same shots, but your photos are much better than mine. It was a great show. So tell us, what went home with you? '-)
~ Sarah

The French Tangerine said...

Sarah, although I was tempted by many things, I only made one purchase.. Another banister ball to add to my collection.. I love them!!
I better include a pic in an upcoming post!

Beth25 said...

I am attending the BlueGrass Trust Antique and Garden Show in March. I have been every year. I will let you know what I find. I want to go to Nashville next year. It looks like fun.

Beth25 said...

Did you meet my Lexington friend, Jon Carloftis?

The French Tangerine said...

Beth, I certainly may have met Jon, but I met so many people, I can't be sure.. XO

David & Dianne said...

This looks like an awesome show--wow. My heart is still pounding from the majolica--yikes!

BRASWELL said...

wonderful photos + post!xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Heritage Hall said...

Jan ~ Hubby handicapped and I was not able to attend although I
reside minutes away, but thanks to you, dear heart, it was
almost as though I were there. Your pictures are superb and my bank account was saved a bit of draining in light of the exquisite and tempting pieces you
captured for our drooling....
Bless you for the outing.