Mar 29, 2014

~ dana gibson

I've been seeing a lot of Dana Gibson around lately. 
I first saw Dana Gibson pieces on the wonderful blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things, shared in this post
More recently, I saw Dana Gibson pieces at Summerfield's shown in this post...
Then, I saw an ad in a magazine for a beautiful Stroheim fabric designed by none other than Dana Gibson. 

Let's take a look! The tole lamps are my favorite...

Her fabrics are cheery and full of vibrant color...

This fabric makes me want to decorate a baby boy nursery...

And this fabric is calling my name also… where to put it?

Click on the image below to visit Dana Gibson's website...

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Mar 26, 2014

~ first impressions

I need a new front door. 

It must be charming and welcoming… very important criteria considering this is the first impression of my home.

It's funny, many of the images I have selected in my search don't necessarily have spectacular doors, but they are wonderful examples of beautiful entries. The first impression is charm and loveliness, and that is precisely the point.

This image was recently posted by Things that Inspire and I just love it!

An even grander entrance to the front door can really make an important impact...

This is the front door to the home of Alex Hitz… very cool!

I think I've posted this image 3 times this month… it really is lovely, isn't it?

Maybe I should concentrate on the entrance rather than the actual door? 

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