Dec 28, 2018

~ exterior holidecor

Oh dear. I just found this post that was never published, and what a surprise to see such festive decorating! As I mentioned in my "holiday" post this year, I was somewhat uninspired to decorate for Christmas. Traveling does not lend itself to watering a real Christmas tree everyday. Anyway, I have really impressed myself with these photos from past years. I hope I will be back in business next year?!

I miss having these triple topiaries in front. Loved the ribbon this year!

And this ribbon!

Here's the year I tried purple eucalyptus...

Oh wow. I don't even remember having those oranges! I think they are fake, but don't they look charming? I'll have to see if I can find those.

I wish I would have seen this post in November. It's a little late now! I will have to remember to refer back next year to get myself in the mood...

I'm heading to Florida soon to work on the condo and will be posting some updates. Looking forward to warmer weather...

Happy New Year!

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