Apr 3, 2014

~ oomph

I am beginning to see a trend. 
First, it was Jonathan Adler… with that dashing pop of color and modern flair. Shortly after that post, came one of my favorite inspired home editions, Christine… Remember the turquoise striped entry? And her fearless use of color? Next came Summerfield's in Naples, then Dana Gibson, Mayme Baker and now Oomph… I am loving these luscious colors, and recognize the significant role they play in assisting my brain as it strives to make the transition from gray and drab to jolly and chipper. 
Although I very much admire this cool and updated aesthetic, and think it's straight up fly, I feel lucky to have a 24 year old daughter who funnels her inspiration directly from these brilliant trendsetters. After all, at this stage of the game, it would be relatively awkward for me to incorporate hot pink or bright yellow or turquoise into my design plan. 

So here are a few things from Oomph...

I just love those high lacquer finishes!

Oomph can be accessed on their website here
Or if you are in Omaha, you can contact the midwestern ambassador for Oomph, Julie Oberlies, for ordering information…

Julie Oberlies

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The enchanted home said...

Beautiful...I too love the high gloss. happy, uplifting crisp aesthetic of this look...I think I need another house to "play", actually I would need several homes come to think of it to "try out" all the looks I love:)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love color, and I am branching out more and more. Love the orange, one of my favorite colors.

Rebecca Fancher said...

Thanks for telling me about Oomph! I love the bold colors, especially the aqua!

marsha cannon said...

I love the high gloss so much and you are right, my 21 year old daughter keeps me up to trend as well but these are colors that I can easily add to my decor!

BRASWELL said...

another resource to add to a growing list + thanks. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com