Jul 24, 2014

~ shopping in winter park

What fun we had on a recent family visit to Winter Park, Florida! Shopping is always on the list, and I managed to get a few photos at two of our favorite shops…

First stop, Ginny's Orchids

Dana Gibson!

Absolutely fell in love with these gorgeous ceramic containers from Italy...

What a thrill to see Harrison Howard's new work!


Couldn't settle on which color to choose...

Beautiful displays!

I adore that garden seat. If I buy another garden seat my husband will divorce me. For sure.

Bought these darling spiky bowls...

My mom went nuts over the magnolia wreath ~ It's treated with shellac so it will last!

Next stop, Interiors 

 Loved these pieces!

I posted a pic on instagram of this fab blue fabric… 
Love the swivel chairs!

Charming beach paintings...

Bought this. I'm such a sucker for pottery!

Of course the best part of the trip was being with my family... the shopping is just a nice perk. It was super hot and humid and I'm sure I was sweating the entire time I was there. We came home to more super hot and humid! Ick.

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Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Love that store! Could spend some cash in there for sure!

I love the magnolia wreath too. I work on floral arrangements in my church and several years ago I had the idea of making my own magnolia wreath for out altar.

Our altar is HUGE. The wreath was a 4 foot round and ended up taking me forever to put together but ended up looking very nice.

I love the shellac idea and will do this if I ever have the energy to make another.