Aug 11, 2014

~ double obsession

I have recently been obsessed with Aerin Lauder and tablecloths. I can't remember which I was obsessed with first. The two are definite candidates for simultaneous obsession. 

Green and blue are a favorite pair for Aerin, and a feasible contender for a triple obsession. (I'll save green and blue for another post..) I'm in love with everything about this table setting. Especially the tablecloth! Find the fabric here.

Another gorgeous table by Aerin… Fabric here.

And another...

See what I mean about Aerin? She puts together a charming table, doesn't she? Always with a charming tablecloth! Fabric here.

Love the menu from Happy Menocal, more blue and green, and another tablecloth. Fabric here.

So I suppose Aerin wins for starting the double obsession. Now we'll move on to more tablecloth obsession. I've labeled those I'm familiar with...

Carolyne Roehm, of course.

Carolyne Roehm
I am thinking about purchasing this fabric… IN LOVE!!

Also from Carolyne Roehm…

Charlotte Moss

Carolyne Roehm ~ Love the check!

These are faux burlap cloths I rented for a party on my patio. 

Carolyne Roehm

From a lovely Nantucket wedding… I adore the stripe!

I think this is Eddie Ross...

Eddie Ross

One of my favorites from Eddie Ross… Fabric here.

Danielle Rollins

Here is my June tablescape with the charming orange toile topper...

And my July tablescape with the Les Touches fabric in red…
 Fabric here.

What a charming peach check!

My favorite Danielle Rollins table...

Carolyne Roehm...

From Madison Dallas...

Is this an Hermes scarf? Im assuming it was used for the photo shoot only... Can you imagine? Stunning! From Jane Scott Hodges and Leontine Linens.

Carolyne Roehm ~ gorgeous!

Danielle Rollins

Eddie Ross

Madison Dallas

This has to be Danielle Rollins ~ I recognize the tablecloth!

My favorite napkins! Love the eggplant.

Danielle Rollins

One of my all-time favorite images… Adore the multiple layers!

Dan Carithers' home… stunning.

Also Dan Carithers...

I need a plain linen tablecloth like Dan Carithers used above. I can then use table toppers with all kinds of patterns and colors on top. I have a few already, and I'm always on the hunt for possible fabrics!

Thanks to Pinterest for all these images!

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jennifer said...

Jan, your style is just as wonderful as the other designer's. I would love a step by step tutorial starting with an empty table. I need help!!

I Dream Of said...

You can never have too many tablecloths! You're making me want to throw a party, or at least just set a pretty table tonight for dinner for two tonight.

Happy Monday!

Cindy Weis said...

the tables are just beautiful, with that beauty it doesn't matter if the food is good or not. just love all the settings.

The enchanted home said...

Wow so many stunning tablescapes...I would leave the table set all the time (which I do lol). You and I have blue and green on the brain I have been working on a blue and green post, adding to it when I can.....your beautiful settings fit right in here Jan.

The enchanted home said...

PS Somethings up with your pin it button does not seem to be working.

The French Tangerine said...

Tina- can't wait to see your blue and green post! I am in love with the color combo! Also, just pinned a pic from this post.. Button is working ok for me. Maybe it was a Pinterest glitch?
Thanks as always for your comments!!

The French Tangerine said...

Jennifer! You are too kind.. And what a great idea! A step by step tutorial! Will add to my list of post ideas! XO

quintessence said...

Missed this in August. So many fabulous tables and delighted you included my shots of my niece's beautiful Nantucket wedding.

quintessence said...

Oh and so flattered that you also included my shot of Aerin Lauder's pretty summer table from Susanna's and my video shoot there last summer!