Apr 11, 2018

~ dundee house tour

I have reposted images from @kristywicks instagram feed more than once. Like me, she posts anything that inspires her, including her home, her garden, and her adorable dog. She has like a bazillion followers, so I'm not the only one impressed with her feed! Her husband cooks and they are an adorable couple. I loved her recent post of this gorgeous house. I'm not sure what those topiaries are ~ hydrangea? I am so in love with the perfectly symmetrical landscaping!

It reminded me of a post I did years ago on houses in Dundee and Fairacres, both beloved Omaha neighborhoods. We used to live in Dundee ourselves and always enjoy a leisurely drive through the neighborhood. 

I just found this draft of a post from 2014. Not sure why it was never published, but looks like the photos were taken in the spring. I was probably not happy about the overcast sky. A bright blue sky would have made the houses so much prettier in these pics! But today, they seem just fine.

I adore that pink door in the first photo. I wonder if it's still pink? I might drive by tomorrow.

This emaculate landscaping is stunning!

I could do this for hours...

As soon as it's sunny and green again, I'm going out for another photo shoot. Hopefully soon. I think it's supposed to snow this weekend... I'll have to cover my pansies. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, and it's impossible to choose among colonial, Tudor and other styles. One house that captured my imagination since I was little is at Izard and Happy Hollow--kind of a Mediterranean style.
Dundee and Fairacres are so nice with the mature trees. There are some pretty houses near the Gerald Ford monument, too.