Sep 29, 2014

~ tft tablescape: september

The flowers from the dealer party were perfect for a September table...

Both the flowers and the fabulous tablecloth are thanks to my friend and florist, Kyle Robino of Old Market Habitat.

The napkins are from Number Four Eleven in Savannah.

I could not wait to use Trace Mayer's bees on my table! I added a ribbon and placed them on the napkin for a little color and whimsy...

The plates are discontinued MacKenzie-Childs. I found them on eBay!

I found this trim on Etsy ~ a perfect finishing touch.

The small ceramic dogs are also from Etsy.

The flatware is from Horchow, here.

The glasses are by Nason Moretti, here.

This table topper is a show stopper. I am in awe of people (Kyle Robino) who can sew. I would love to be able to sew! I found the last of this amazing fabric on Etsy, but you can find it here.

Kyle Robino is an artist on so many levels! 

She makes it very easy to put together a pretty table!

Kyle Robino ~ Old Market Habitat

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Sep 25, 2014

~ what I brought home

Many emails, more than I could have imagined receiving, appeared in my inbox following the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show post from last week. 

"You're going to show us what you got at the Show, right?"
I love it! And of course I am!

The very first thing I had to have was a banister ball. Thomas Fortner is the first booth to the left when you walk in the front doors. And there, in his glass cases, was a collection of beautiful banister balls. I have a collection of clear ones, but thought this blue was stunning.  
Thomas Fortner

I came prepared this year to load up on bees. Trace Mayer has made quite an empire out of his "bees" which also include frogs, ram heads, dragonflies, and several other clever ornamental trinkets. He has also used family heirlooms like war memorabilia. Imagine the possibilities.. cool antique keys, vintage Chanel buttons, and a host of other small objects with meaning. The special items are placed in the center of a frame made from antique frame fragments. Such a brilliant and innovative idea. 
I bought a collection which I plan to use for random decoration, Christmas tree ornaments, napkin rings, and toppers for special packages. 

I have been looking for a charming stone dog holding a flower basket for years. I have always wanted one at my front door. This was the year!

Poverty Hollow

I love him!

I'm collecting majolica for a special place in my family room. I added a platter and plate to the pile, both from Lynda Willauer…

Always have my eye out for a charming brass trivet, and Barley Twist had a very nice selection.

I bought a trio of Chinese majolica green parrots at a previous show and surprisingly, I have just pulled them out of storage. They are wonderful, but I couldn't figure out where to put them. When I spotted a few more at this year's Show, I decided to put them together in my hutch.

Love how this turned out!

I bought this darling majolica barrel from my friend Linda - the queen of majolica!

Linda Ketterling

It's just the perfect size for a small arrangement...

Caroline Roehm uses these beautiful Paris porcelain baskets in many of her tablescapes… I can't wait to use mine!

Parrin & Co Antiques

And this darling green box is also from Parrin & Co..

So happy to have Mignon back at the Show. She has such a look! She brought her friend Charles, also an antique dealer, and they convinced me this piece belonged in my house. I thought it would be perfect behind my couch, however, it ended up in my bedroom.

Mignon Topping

I adore it!

Another successful Show! What a special opportunity to peruse so many shops from across the country, right here in Omaha. 

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