Sep 22, 2014

~ dealer dinner party

Party time!

As you know from my last post, the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show was held over the weekend. We invited the participating dealers to our house for dinner to thank them for making the trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

I totally copied the roses in the topiaries idea from a beautiful party I was at a couple weekends ago. (Thank you for the inspiration BL) I thought it was so charming and couldn't wait to do it myself. Kyle Robino, my go-to flower girl, was on board and made it happen...

I bought these votive candle holders at an estate sale a few years ago and brought them out to provide lighting for the walkway. Our street has terrible lighting so they were actually necessary, but also added a bit of charm to the entry...

I almost pulled all the blue salvia before the party. I thought it looked messy. But frankly I didn't have the time! I'm glad it I didn't… It looks pretty in pictures if a bit wild.

I have been wanting a stone dog holding a flower basket for years and I finally got one at the Antique Show this year. Thank you Poverty Hollow!

Kyle was brilliant and added the coral roses with the pumpkin and ivy… wonderful!

The forecast promised rain all week, but it never came...

Kyle attached some sunshine to these stone angels...

And her flowers were stunning, as usual!

We had to move the patio furniture all over to accommodate the tables...

A few festive fall additions inside...

The flower arrangement for the dining room table was especially beautiful. Kyle is amazing!

The food was fabulous thanks to John Benker…
(menu below)

Candles lit...

The menu was thanks to John Benker's creativity and expertise. I don't have the recipes, but here's the menu for those who are interested:


Tenderloin of Beef
marinated, grilled, sliced and served with
caramelized onions and sherried mushrooms
Grilled Shrimp
with Cowboy Caviar
BLT Salad
with heirloom tomatoes, parmesan croutons, crumbled pepper bacon,
romaine hearts and roasted tomato balsamic vinaigrette
Israeli Cous Cous
with roasted vegetables and fresh herbs
Tomato Flatbreads
with Italian sausage, basil and smoked mozzarella
French Baguettes and Butter

Chocolate Caramel Brownies, Fresh Fruit Tartlets and Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets
Coffee, Cream and Sugar

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The enchanted home said... always. Everything looks so lovely and the menu is making me hungry!

Lauren said...

Lovely! It all looks so beautiful! I am also hungry looking at the delectable menu!

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Everything from the inside to the outside was beautiful. The menu looks fabulous. I am sure you gave everyone and evening to remember.