Sep 15, 2014

~ decorating with fruits and vegetables and a winner

I was recently inspired by a gorgeous Carolyne Roehm table (I know, I know) with tomatoes and basil as her centerpiece, and I actually tried the idea myself ~ tomatoes and kumquats, and the most luscious colored grapefruit. I'm definitely a fan of using produce for table decor. 

Citrus is always an easy choice. Here are some nice examples of fruit used in decor ~ lots of lemons and tangerines plus a few other fruits here and there.

(all images above from Pinterest)

I've been decorating with produce all summer!


And the winner of the Walker Valentine giveaway is…

* In case anyone is wondering, I had about the same number of emailed entries as I did comments.. Some bloggers only count actual comments on the post, but I did count both ~ over 100 comments and emails combined! That's a lot for this blog, but it still gives the commenter a great chance to win. Congrats Deb!

* I have used a random name generator online before, but for the last couple giveaways, I just number the comments and emails as they come in and then I choose a number.. much easier than plugging in names! Thank you Deb for including your email! 

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pve design said...

Love all your pretties and sorry I missed your fantastic give-away. I am back and trying my best to get into a normal routine. "Whatever that is?"
Keep the pretties coming.....

pve design said...

Oh, forgot to say Congrats to the winner and wow, love that you got so many comments and e-mails.

chedeb5353 said...

I can't believe I won!!!! Now what colors should I choose?? Thank you so much Jan. Deb

Tartan Terrace said...

Jan - I never think to use orange until I look at the FT. And then I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

Cindy @ a curious gardener said...

You and Carolyne are the tabletop masters! Your use of color is wonderful.

I used her tomato basil centerpiece photo as inspiration for a summer get together in our old house in Ohio when I had so much basil one year. I can lose track of time looking at her amazing tables and gardens, so talented. Always brightens my day looking at so much beauty. Need to get all of her books in my library.

Beautiful post and your adorable little Tucker snuggling are my favorite shots on Instagram.

The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous post! so many of these inspiring pictures. You are the tablescape queen and loving my new fabric, having toppers made for my party this weekend.....