Oct 16, 2014

~ devane's

Just back from a very quick trip to Winter Park... This trip was not my typical Winter Park visit. Normally I am consumed with shopping, dining and pool time. This trip's central focus was moving my brother and his family of six to their new home! However, we were able to make a stop by DeVane's on our way to the airport. A great shop and a special treat meeting the charming shop owner.

I actually own a set of these bowls. I special ordered them in Chicago a few years ago. I was surprised to see them and would have bought them again if I didn't already own them. I love the shape! I can't wait to pull them out when I get home... Perhaps they will appear in my next tablescape...

Dana Gibson is the perfect addition to any gift and accessory shop!

This pig reminded me of my smaller versions I found at MacKenzie-Childs. I fill mine with M&M's and even flowers.

Remember these? Ginny's Orchid's had green and orange and tan. Love the blue!

Local artists are represented throughout the shop...

Loved these candles!

I've featured Eva Gordon's work in several posts... Love her!

Although I missed making my regular stops, it was fun to be with my family, even for moving day. Plus, DeVane's is officially added to the shopping list... 

TFT October tablescape coming up next!

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The enchanted home said...

You know what Jan it just dawned on me that I am really happy we don't live near each other....we would not be good for each others bank accounts but boy would we have fun shopping!

Bonnie said...

Great shop. Lovely items.

I saved stems from real pumpkins last year. I know I won't get around to making any velvet pumpkins with them. LOL.

Sarah said...

Beautiful things. Did you take more than photos home? ;-)
Know your brother was thrilled to have your help with his move. I've got my velvet pumpkins out. Love it!

therelishedroost said...

What a fun shopping excursion!! It looks dangerous! K