Oct 23, 2014

~ fall decor

I snapped these photos after the dealer dinner party a few weeks ago. It was nice getting my patio October-ready so early in the season.

We enjoyed those roses tucked in the topiaries for days! 

Pretty soon it will be time to put the cushions away for winter...

Here's a shot of my kale from last year... very purpley!

This year's kale... not as much purple, but I still love it.

Unusually large kale!

And a few October accents indoors as well...

Happy Fall!

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sharon smith said...

Jan, just as I was admiring the lovely photos of your patio and garden, the pumpkins appeared! How fantastic are those? Wow. they made me smile. Thank you!

Janie said...

Jan, I love those MacKenzie Child's pumpkins, but I love that painting above them more! Who painted it? It's wonderful.
Thanks for all you share.
Janie Horn

The French Tangerine said...

The painting behind the pair of pumpkins is a Kevin Tohlman. The painting behind the set of 3 pumpkins is an Ira Yeager. I've done several posts in him. Search Ira Yeager in my search bar to see/read more!

Sarah said...

Jan, I always enjoy seeing your home and gardens. I like to use kale and ornamental cabbages for my winter garden. Couldn't find the pretty purple this season. Love the topiary look. I'm going to remember that. I know your party was beautiful.
Envious of your Ira Yeager paintings. A friend has a large one in her condo here in Austin. I'm a fan of his work. Oh, and your green parrots are stunning! ;-)