Oct 6, 2014

~ family room update

Perhaps the recent pillow sale (here) gave me away, and of course I spilled the beans in the tapestry post, (here) but in case you missed it, some updates have been happening…

This is my fourth post with this title, and I am happier than ever. It's truly a process for me. If interested, here are the last three family room update posts… first, second, third. This room has certainly come a long way.

Let's take a look.

I was thrilled to find a couple of majolica green parrots at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show to complete this fun collection...

And of course, the new Ira Yeager cow painting. I have posted on instagram, so many of you will have already seen this beauty. I could not love it any more. I adore it. It's my favorite thing. I mean the garland with tangerines? I know.

Love. It.

I love how Yeager finishes the sides with the sponge painting… I seriously want more Ira. I am officially a collector. 

The blue chest came from Cote Jardin Antiques. My friend sent me a photo of a beautiful piece of aptware ~ she knows I'm a lover and collector ~ and I freakishly noticed the blue chest in the background. It was in my family room a few weeks later. It is such a lovely replacement for the table that had been there for 14 years as a place holder. 

Are you picking up on the blue and green? My new very favorite color combination. I brought down that aqua blue garden seat from Hillary's bedroom and put a majolica plate right on top. 

The stool that was under said place-holder-table was the perfect means of balancing the new colors introduced in the room. The stool now sits by the fireplace, and this amazing Schumacher fabric a la Martyn Lawrence Bullard, is perfect opposite the blues and greens of the pillows on the couch. 

 The pillow fabrics were the most exciting part of the update. I am a lover of textiles, and this is where I get most inspired. 

I have updated this vignette approximately one million times. I like this result... for now.

Tucker's new favorite spot…

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen Tucker getting comfy a time or two...

The green linen fabric on the pillow fabric above is called Green Montrose by Aerin for Lee Jofa, here.
The green velvet on the backs of these pillows is a Brunschwig & Fils, here.
The trim is Samuel & Sons, here.

Green velvet check fabric on couch pillows, far left above, is also Aerin for Lee Jofa, here.
The blue velvet fabric on couch pillows is a Pierre Frey, here.
The cup fabric is one of my all-time favorite Pierre Frey fabrics, here.
The fringe on the cup pillow is also Samuel & Sons, here.
The velvet squiggle Schumacher on the bench is by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, here.

I am actually working on one more update for this room. I'm sure other updates will come to pass, but this one particular update would be especially exciting. I'll keep you posted for sure.

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Susan Vieth said...

I can't wait to see your next Yeager. It will be awfully hard to beat your beautiful "Bessie" and her garland of tangerines!

David & Dianne said...

Oh my Lord, can't wait to see all this beauty in person in a few weeks!!!!!

Angelina B. said...

I love that cow painting!

Vagabonde said...

I came to your blog because its name intrigued me. I did not know we grew tangerines in France (they are called mandarines) so I went to check on Wikipedia and indeed we don’t – here is the link: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandarine . I do like your family room – it looks cozy and comfortable. We also have to update our family room. We have a large fireplace with bricks in the red shades – I was told to paint the whole thing white – do you think this is the new trend now? I see you fireplace is light too.

Ann said...

Serious. Yeager. Envy.