Oct 13, 2014

~ tablescapes review

Remember the post I did on my tablecloth obsession? If you missed it, it's worth a peek, here.  
I'm developing a nice little collection of table toppers thanks to my monthly tft tablescapes featured on the blog over the past few months. These tablescapes of the month are purely inspired by the gorgeous fabrics I find on eBay or Etsy that are magically transformed into table toppers by my extraordinary friend and partner in crime, Kyle Robino.
Let's review :)

My most recent September table...




Tina from The Enchanted Home loved this last fabric so much, she used it for an amazing party on her patio! You can see it, if you have not already, here

Off to plan my October table!

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Janie said...

Hi, Jan,
Your blog is always beautiful and inspiring!
Question: How many yards do you buy to make your table toppers and what size is your table?
Those toppers are just wonderful - so bright and cheery and still sophisticated.
Janie Horn

The French Tangerine said...

Janie, I order 5 yards.. I have a 60" table and 54" table.. I think there's usually a bit of fabric leftover...

pretty pink tulips said...

What a fun, fun way to share your love of tables capes! I am especially enamored with that June table! And, the Staffordshire table makes me think of my little Cavalier!!

Great work!
xoxo Elizabeth

The enchanted home said...

All are gorgeous Jan but you know my favorite:) You are the tabletop queen, hey maybe a book idea! I can't wait to see what you do next......

pve design said...

What delightful tables you create all year long. I could see matching invites created to set the tone for your beautiful tables.

Lauren said...

Gorgeous as always! I love the whimsy you always manage to add to your tablescapes!