Nov 14, 2014

~ pear tree antiques

I had heard about Pear Tree Antiques located in Crestwood, and finally, I was able to see what all the fuss was about. This post is the final installment of this Shopping in KC series.

This armoire is merely a part of the collection of confit pots to be found at Pear Tree Antiques. The window display at the front of the store is also full of gorgeous green pots.

Our friend bought a couple of these darlings for a family cabin in Montana... Perfect!

Totally obsessed with these ceramic tulips. Absolutely adore them. I got all the way home before I realized I had to have one... or three. 

One of the gals on the trip bought those charming wood fragments.
 Could they be any prettier?

That bench!

The back of the shop showcases garden related merchandise...

Here are the tulips again... Adore them. Had to have them.


Love the pair of delft plates with that yellow rim!

That wall!

Had a blast! Can't wait for our next excursion...

Visit Pear Tree Antiques website by clicking on the charming painting!

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marsha cannon said...

What a lovely shop. It reminds me of Christopher Glen in Birmingham where I recently bought a lamb that reminds me of the one in your photo. Also adore the three little pigs! Glad you got your tulips!

The enchanted home said...

So beautiful....this has your name written all over it. Gorgeous items, love "shopping" with you.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful shop. Wished I was not so far away. I would love it.