Dec 29, 2014

~ happy new year and adam sandler

I am overwhelmed with all the nice messages I have received these past couple weeks thanking me for the time and energy I spend on posts for the french tangerine. I can't believe I've been at it for 4 years! I have always had an easy time with inspiration for posts, and have said time and again, I'll never run out of things to post about... Yet when we returned from our Hawaii vacation on Sunday, I panicked when I realized I had nothing prepared for this week. Not to worry, this is not my resignation post. However, I think I need another week off :) You can certainly visit my instagram account in the meantime: @thefrenchtangerine
(If you are already a follower, you have seen all the photos in this post!) 

I adore the chandeliers in the hotel lobby... Like going back in time! 

A highlight of the trip was having Adam Sandler and his family at our hotel. We felt like BFF's by the end of the week after shared elevator rides, adjacent breakfast tables, pool and beach activities, etc...
Here they are taking a family photo directly in front of our beach chairs.

Adam, Jackie, Sunny and Sadie

Adam on the beach with Sunny...

He has such a distinctive voice ~ you would know it's him with your eyes closed. Whether he was singing a "you are stinky" song to his daughters or getting them all excited at the breakfast buffet about cantaloupe, he was almost always barefooted and in athletic shorts and a t-shirt. A very happy dude for sure.

After a few days, Brookes asked for a pic...

Hillary just walked up to him and he said, "I hope we're doing a selfie!" He could not be more charming or appreciative of his fans.

A great vacation...

Best vacation ever until the trip home. Is there anything more miserable? I am officially not a fan of US Airways.
3 hour layover in Phoenix...

Thank YOU, each and every one of you, who read the blog and take the time to leave a comment or send an email with encouraging thoughts... I still love this hobby of mine and look forward to another year of inspiration! 

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Dec 22, 2014

~ tis the season

Am thrilled to be spending the week with my family! I'll be back next week...

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Dec 18, 2014

~ tft tablescape: december

Since I will not be having a dinner at my house over the holidays, I am thrilled to share the December tablescape a little early...

Got out the Brunschwig & Fils tablecloth I love...
Les Touches

And a few MacKenzie-Childs pieces...

Whole foods had gorgeous white roses and a nice selection of red berries...

My favorite monogram from Walker Valentine ~ Vanessa.

And the new holiday plates from MacKenzie-Childs are darling!

 Sour Santas

Found this darling tree with tangerines on our Kansas City visit - Parrin & Co!

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

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Dec 15, 2014

~ laundry room update

LOL. Here's a funny update. It's funny because the original post is dated 8/3/12. And that my friends, was over 2 years ago. There have been no real updates to the laundry room since that post. I have been too busy updating other parts of the house. The laundry room seems to move down the totem pole of priorities when dealing with a budget. I sure do despise budgets :)

So let's take a look at what has just happened in the updating department, shall we? First, if you're interested, here's the original post about updating the laundry room... (here) And here's a pic... Not bad for a before pic!


The hardware was the central focus of the last post about updating the laundry room. It was all about MacKenzie-Childs knobs replacing the existing white ceramic knobs. That never happened. Now I have a new fascination. And it's called wallpaper. 

Can you imagine this gorgeous mosaic wallpaper in the laundry room? 

I'm super obsessed with it in every color...

(here or here)

Except wallpaper is still not in the budget. But I'll tell you what is! KNOBS! Check these bad boys out..

I kept the MacKenzie-Childs knob we brought from our first house.

I love them so much! They add a little punch to the room, but it's really all about preparing for the wallpaper. I may even paint the cabinets! 

As a side note, I decided the parchment MacKenzie-Childs tray that is made of wood, and has caught fire multiple times while cooking, was not a good candidate for over the stove top. 

I brought back the blue and white platter from the laundry room...

I love it! Bonus: It doesn't catch on fire!

Baby steps people. Baby steps...

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