Dec 29, 2015

~ glitter and gold

I am not typically into big celebrations on New Year's Eve. A quiet night at home sounds just perfect to me. ..
However, should I ever be inclined to celebrate the start of a new year, I believe I would consider glitter to assist with celebratory type activities... 

Have you seen this? This guy is not messing around. 
That is some dense glitter in that beard.

Doesn't this look festive? Gold definitely feels like a celebration...

Whether you celebrate in a big way or are a quiet reveler like me, I hope you are doing what you love and enjoying every minute of it this December 31st :)

(photos from Pinterest)

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Dec 22, 2015

~ serenity / color of the year part two

Who else was confused by Pantone's choice of two colors for the 2016 Color of the Year? These pastel shades take me back to high school. These were the colors of my eyeshadow. Like sands through the hourglass, these were the colors of my life...

Seeing the bygone colors on coveted items of today is somewhat confusing...

It took me a minute to come around, but serenity is basically a beautiful shade of blue hydrangea...

I especially like it mixed with other similar shades...

 I think my version of Serenity may be a bit more purple and less baby blue...

Serenity Mosaic

(all images are from Pinterest)

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Dec 18, 2015

~ rose quartz / color of the year part one

Although I was not initially excited about the 2016 color of the year choice from Pantone, once I started searching for images, and putting together a mosaic, I became a believer...

In love with these dessert plates in Rose and Gold!

How about a fur phone case :)

The gorgeous plates again.. Obsessed.

And just because it's December...
Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake Shots

So yea, I've come around. I love the color of the year!

 Rose Quartz Mosaic

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Dec 13, 2015

~ tis the season

Ok OMG. Kyle Robino did the most gorgeous flowers for me for a recent tea party at my house. I have decided that giving her direction of any kind is not necessary, and in fact, is my new favorite thing.

I mean I always love what she does for me, even when I give her a color theme, or tell her exactly what I want. But the bottom line is, I don't know what half the stuff in this arrangement is even called. I would have no idea how to ask for it. And I wouldn't dream of putting some of this stuff in a flower arrangement. 

But what she chooses, what she puts together, is magic. I mean this woman knows what she's doing. A true talent I tell you. 

I had a hard time knowing what to serve at a tea from 4pm-6pm. I am not a formal "tea" person, but I didn't want to serve wine... I decided to go with a Mulled Hot Cider, and for something fun, I did Pomegranate Spritzers for something cold and refreshing... After all, it's been in the 50's and 60's in Omaha all month! SO weird.


Tarragon Chicken Salad Puffs
Dill Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches Dipped in Snipped Chives
Savory Tartlet Wedges with Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers
Variety of Bitesize Desserts
Coffee, Mulled Cider, Pomegranate Spritzers

Savory Tartlet Wedges with Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers


Tarragon Chicken Salad Puffs, Savory Tartlet Wedges, Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches with Snipped Chives

 More flower photos :)

And this just in! 

I think it's stunning...

I already have the acrylic tray in clear in the large size...

And the small size...

And tortoise is coming soon!
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