Jan 8, 2015

~ the center table

A friend recently moved into one of my favorite homes in my old neighborhood and I was super excited to get a tour once she got settled in. As expected, the house was filled with the charm associated with an old home ~ beautiful hardwood floors, unexpected details, warm and cozy. I especially loved the large entryway with a center table. I've admired and saved images with gorgeous center tables for years. We talked about options for the space, and I sent her a collection of my favorites... Probably a bit overwhelming for a normal person, but it's definitely how I operate.

Most recently, I loved this Tory Burch center table. The table cover, the spectacular centerpiece, and the books all around... Love it all! The books are a common theme in this post ~ easy decorating.

Here's a beautiful vignette from Dan Carithers. Love the ivy topiary and the candlesticks. He was the master wasn't he? I miss him and long for new images, but am grateful for what I have... His past work is timeless. Really love the table cover with the bullion fringe...

Mary Douglas Drysdale

Windsor Smith

This from Danielle Rollins... (Miles Redd) That Oscar de la Renta fabric is dying to be in my office. I'm saving up. With the blue velvet? It's amazing!

An old favorite from Oscar de la Renta himself... I mean wow.
 Again, the stacks of books...

Love the stools here...

A charming vignette...

And another from Joni Webb of Cote de Texas...

I've had this image saved for years... Love the tapestry.

Alessandra Branca

David Easton adored the center table.

Kathryn Ireland

Vicente Wolf

Our beloved Charles Faudree...

Another from Charles Faudree...

Timothy Whealon

I've never had a space for a center table, however while typing this sentence, I've had an epiphany. For a party, I could use my family room/kitchen table as a center table! OMG I'm so excited about this idea!

I'll move those chairs, bring stools in from my bedroom, add a beautiful centerpiece and books, perhaps some votives and an appetizer? The perfect tablecloth will need to be determined...

I've included the designers for the images I recognized, but a few are not labeled.
(All images that aren't my own are from Pinterest)


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David & Dianne said...

Just after I tell you I think I have too much stuff and too many books out I see this amazing post! Not that I could compare in any way I may have to re think minimalism!