Jan 29, 2015

~ january tablescape a la pinterest

You guys I'm going to be completely honest. January has been an uninspiring month for me. I mean it's cold and gray (it's actually blue sky and sunny but whatevs..) and the holidays are over and my front pots are dead as are the plants in my house and I haven't picked up flowers from the grocery store... I've hardly been to the grocery store. I've thought about doing a tablescape for January, I looked at dishes and pulled out linens, but when showering seems like a significant accomplishment for the day, planning a tablescape seems like planning a wedding. It just didn't happen. It was much easier to find pretty possibilities on Pinterest. In my pajamas. Between naps.

This image actually inspired an entire post on anemones. (here
I adore this flower arrangement!

Why I think an outdoorsy~themed table seems appropriate for January is beyond me... I want nothing less than to be outdoors in January.

Love the gold striped plate... 

Love the orange flowers here...

Very simple setting ~ the flowers are fab!

Pretty pastels can warm up a cold January evening...

All white with a touch of green works year round, but how elegant on a snowy winter night with lots of candles.

Obviously, an outdoor table in January would not be an option in Omaha, Nebraska, but check this out for a warmer climate... I love the artichokes and also the candles sporting the color of the year.

Another outdoor dining fantasy... How about those grapes?

Doesn't this look festive?

This feels a bit New Years Eve-ish... a celebratory option for sure.

I've never thought of using black on a table, but it sure looks great here!

Adore the patterned plates!

And we've come full circle with another anemone floral arrangement...

Alright people, there you have it. No tft tablescape for January. Perhaps I'll double up for another month? Pinterest saved the day!


Um I just discovered that there is a thing called the most depressing day of the year and it's today. I mean what the heck? I had no idea! Blue Monday is the title given to this most depressing day.  
Check it out here

Perhaps this new discovery is the explanation for my lack of inspiration...
Hopefully these tablescapes have brightened your day.

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Style Maniac said...

The Winter Blues -- I've got 'em too. Have always disliked February in the Northeast, but this year January really got to me. Your flowers cheered things up though, thanks for the prettiness!

Belle Lettres said...

Jan, I thought you would be snapping up the kalanchoes at Whole Foods--6 inch pot on sale for $6.00!
I hate January, too. I was born the week after Christmas --the 8th day of Christmas--but we celebrate on April Fools Day---so much better!!!

designchic said...

We have gray skies and bitter cold weather in NC this morning. Your beautiful table images have warmed me right up - love the hydrangeas!!