Jan 5, 2015

~ pantone color of the year 2015

Remember the post I did on the color eggplant in November? (here if you missed it) Had I been taking a guess at Pantone's color of the year, announced a short time after that post published, I would have been pretty darn close. Eggplant, also referred to in my post as merlot, plum, and burgundy, (and after publishing I remembered aubergine) is definitely in the same color family with Marsala...

 Check it out.

I think I've found the correct color Birkin in every Pantone Color of the Year since I've been blogging :)


My friend reported to me, minutes after the color of the year was announced, that she didn't care for the choice. I am just not sure there is a color I can't find some beauty in! Just when I think I have found a color I don't like, the next thing you know, I'm doing a post on the newfound gorgeous color! 

Need some colorful inspiration?

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AlwaysMe said...

You are right, there is always something good about every color! Sometimes it's just finding a good color companion.

Do you have a source on the trim you posted? Love it!

Thanks, and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I'm still in love with the tangerine year. To me marsala looks like an old cut. Some see wine, but I see old blood. Sorry! However with your incredible color sense, you have made marsala look quite appealing!!!

The French Tangerine said...

AlwaysMe: Just looked back at Pinterest, where I found all of these images, and that particular image is from Kravet!

David & Dianne said...

Are you going to share that venomous response you received regarding your Hawaii post with your followers??? I am still fuming over that! You are too gracious to sink to that level, but really.......

The French Tangerine said...

Mom! Tempting, but no! You are hilarious.. XO

andee said...

That is funny about the Birkin as my
mind went immediately to Rouge H
box when I saw the Pantone color.
Rouge H boz leather is my favorite Hermes bag.

The enchanted home said...

It has never been a favorite of mine but this post could change my mind as could that birkin and those Bottega gloves:) Beautiful! Happy new year Jan.