Feb 9, 2015

~ design panel

The Design Panel was my very favorite part of the Antiques & Garden Show in Nashville.

I had the panel pegged as a discussion-like setting ~ a conversation amongst the panelists moderated by the oh-so-lovely Margo Shaw of flower magazine. I wondered how the discussion would flow or how slides would work into the presentation. (I hoped for slides!)

I should not have worried.

The panel consisted of four powerhouse design experts who are famously successful at living beautifully ~ each highlighting what inspires them most. They presented their version of living well in 15-20 minute segments, each with their own personal flair and slides to match.

Markham Roberts ~ Design inspiration
Christopher Spitzmiller ~ Lighting inspiration
Jane Scott Hodges ~ Linen inspiration
Michael Devine ~ Entertaining inspiration

Margo Shaw ~ Moderator extraordinaire

Markham Roberts was fabulous. Charming and witty and super talented. Sometimes I think of myself as up-to-date in the design world, but I am still trying to figure out how and why I have not heard his name extensively, because I could not have been more enamored with him. Listening to him for the entire 90 minutes would have been fine with me. He is definitely a new favorite of mine. SO FRESH, book ordered.

Buy his book here

Christopher Spitzmiller is adorable. ADORABLE I tell you. And his lamps are to die for. I want a lamp or two for every single room in my house. Currently I have zero, but they are on my list. When I win the lottery. Unfortunately, they are pricey. But I promise you they are gorgeous. As is he.

Jane Scott Hodges delivered. Her slides were my dream-come-true fantasies of monogrammed linens. I have posted about Leontine Linens in the past, and they are truly exceptional and special. Her story was delightful.

This room by Alexa Hampton is one of my all-time favorites. Totally want to copy it for a guest room upstairs... Linens are fab!

buy her book here

Michael Devine was super charming. I literally ordered his book on Amazon during the presentation from my phone. The slides were over the top. (Again with the how and why do I not already own this book?) Some of the prettiest tables and parties I have ever seen. He also has gorgeous fabrics and is a phenomenal cook. Total inspiration. 

buy his book here

Inspiration at it's best I tell you. That's how I feel about the Superstar Design Panel Lecture. Ninety minutes of nonstop inspiration. Thank you Nashville Antiques & Garden Show!

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David & Dianne said...

Very interesting with the panel. Bought the Markham book--thanks for making it so (too) easy to just click and done deal!

Lisa said...

I've enjoyed and have been inspired by your coverage of the Nashville Antiques and Garden show. Your photos are lovely I appreciate that you include links whenever possible. I always get a kick from your commentary. Your casual style makes me feel I'm along for the ride. Thanks again, Jan!

Ordering Michael Devine's book now and clearing snow away from my garden shed to take measurements! LOL

Lisa B

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

I wish I could have been there. I purchased Michael Devine's book a while back and the photo of the raised beds with the basket weave covers has inspired me ever since. In fact, my landscape architect is planning part of my garden based on that photo. True inspiration. Thanks for sharing not only the speakers but also highlights from the show.

designchic said...

It sounds like an amazing event and amazing speakers. The Markham Roberts book is wonderful and now I'm needing Michael Devine's book!