Mar 29, 2015

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Mar 25, 2015

~ pretty pretty powder rooms

A tft reader recently asked me to do a post on powder rooms hoping for some inspiration... No problem!

This is actually my powder room... The walls are fabric panels which I love. That amazing artwork is from my friend Laurie Victor Kay. (more of her work here)

When it comes to powder rooms, I am especially enamored with wallpaper...

Love the blue and white bowl for the sink!

This reminds me of vacation... Has to be in Florida, don't you think?

I think I remember reading that this is tile... is that possible?

This is my SIL's powder bathroom - love that wallpaper!

This image is from one of my inspired home entries... (Nancy) Have always loved this wallpaper and still want to use it in a hallway upstairs!

Isn't this great?

This is another SIL's powder room... LOVE her fabric on the walls! (Nina)

A little bit country...

A little bit rock and roll...

Another powder from an inspired home edition... (Stacey)

This just might be my favorite powder bath of all time. I love everything about it! 
Especially the wallpaper.

Also stunning...

Look at the wallpaper!





Love this wallpaper! Do I keep saying that? 

This elegant specimen is from yet another tft inspired home... (Jill)


Interesting door choice... wonder if there's a toilet in there?

Same wallpaper as above but in blue... love it!

This is from the home of Alex Hitz... Seriously, one of my favorite wallpapers of all time. (Pierre Frey here)

Hopefully this post is helpful for any powder room inspiration seekers out there! Although I commented primarily on wallpaper, there are wonderful ideas to be found for those who are looking.

I also referenced several inspired homes in this post. All past inspired homes are neatly organized and easily accessed by clicking the inspired home box under Categories in my sidebar. 
Or click here to take a look...

(all photos that aren't my own were found on Pinterest)

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