Mar 22, 2015

~ for the love of louis

To say I'm a Louis Vuitton fan is a bit of an understatement.  

There's just something about a speedy. On rare occasions I'll get excited about other handbags, but for me, an LV speedy is just right. I love the size and that it's extremely lightweight. And it's a fraction of the cost of a Chanel or Celine!  (Me being sensible and practical...)

Haters? Wait until you see my daughter's collection!
Hillary was LUCKY enough to get a Stephen Sprouse Roses Speedy..

And we went a little crazy in the Yayoi Kusama department... She got red.

Her first LV was a Damier...

I went through (am going through) a mon monogram phase... Have LOVED this red and pink for years!

Orange and green...

The charms/key chains are as fun as the handbags!

This limited edition Eclipse with black sequins is especially fancy...

The reason I am telling you all of this? The upcoming Monogram V collection for Summer 2015! As in V, the first letter of my last name. The monogram canvas bags will be getting an extra large and very awesome V in pink and turquoise! The collection was inspired by the 1960's ads, "Volez, Voguez, Voyagez" and will be launching next month. 

I love the turquoise!

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Sarah said...

Beautiful collection! I'm always wanted a LV bag, but not one in my closet. Sigh! I do have a photo I took in Paris of the LV cherry billboard on the Champs Elysees. Do you have a cherry bag?

BRASWELL said...

I love a good LV bag also + I got a tote at a garage sale once + it is wonderful.

Stacie Hamel said...

The only LV bag I've had was the branded plastic umbrella bag they handed me at the door when I walked into the Paris store from out of a rainstorm. I walked around all day saying, "Look! I have a Louis Vuitton bag!" :-)

Betsy Duggan said...

I LOVE LV bags As well!! But for me its all about the EPI Leather bags of which I sheepishly admit to having 7.....Every Color under the rainbow I really want a pink one but don't have one yet ....sigh

designchic said...

Now that's a collection. I totally agree that it is the perfect bag…chic, classic and just the right size!