Apr 19, 2015

~ hillary apartment update

Just had the best weekend in Chicago with my daughter Hillary!

After some MAJOR spring cleaning, I figured it was time for an update post... It is really coming along!

The view is still breathtaking...

We took off the slipcovers on the couch and washed... I mean it's like getting a brand new couch!

Just love the Jonathan Adler pillows!

Sorry. I think I keep posting this same vignette. I took a million photos. The lighting with all those windows is so crazy, the glare makes a photo almost impossible!

Such a fun weekend!
Chicago Antique Show coming up next...

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Sarah said...

Fun! It's nice to see someone young appreciate the nesting process. Hillary has great style! And wow, what a view!

David & Dianne said...

Wow, how fun to revisit Hillary's apt. My special granddaughter living the high life. And my favorite daughter helping her--FYI I could use some spring cleaning!!����������

Lisa said...

Hey Jan, What a beautiful, young, fun yet sophisticated apartment! Hillary's friends must love to visit and no doubt are soooo jealous:) I love that Hillary's use MC canisters in her bath. Can't go wrong with a few JA pillows to give her light sofa some pop!
You know what's Hillary is missing?? A little something from your 3/5/15 post! Maybe a birthday or Christmas present?? Wouldn't want to compete with her JA pillows or her lovely monogrammed bed ensemble. Hmm, I'm sure you could find a place! It sounds like you had fun mixing business ( spring cleaning) w/pleasure. I have to know...Does Hillary think this is just a little weird?? LOL What a good sport!
Thanks for the update. Best wishes to Hillary!
Lisa B.

The French Tangerine said...

Mom, you do not need to spring clean! You spring clean every 2-3 days!! You are the most organized and clean person I know!!

Lisa, Hillary begged for the Hermes pillows from that post!! We have certainly splurged on a few things, but no Hermes pillows just yet :) She is really loving the modern look! And no, she doesn't think it's weird! She loves it!! She has always enjoyed being in the spotlight - her entire life! :) XO

Sarah Waters said...

wow what a gorgeous view! love love it....how fun you got to spend some time together...i think i will be so sad when/if my kids leave and move to another city...love the couch/pillows...i just ordered a new couch and can't WAIT to get it...love your posts Jan so inspiring...;)