Apr 29, 2015

~ tft tablescape: april

Can not believe it's almost May! My baby will be graduating in just a couple weeks, and we will be legit empty nesters this fall. I mean we've planned a trip to New York the day after we move the child into his dorm. Are we terrible people? 

A table for two is becoming a familiar scene around this house. Not this fancy per se, but every once in a while, what the heck!

Those orange garden roses with pink peonies are the prettiest combination ever. Added the lighter orange garden roses and the french ceramic tulips, and it definitely feels like spring.

The tangerines on turquoise linens just for fun...

I adore those french ceramic tulips.. from Kansas City ~ Pear Tree Antiques

Napkins are favorites from Daisy Hill...

I am attracted to color all year long, but I think I crave it most in the spring after the gray days of winter... 

Setting a fancy table doesn't always mean a fancy dinner...

BLT anyone?

Those peonies and garden roses got prettier and prettier!

You guys I can't wait for next month. I will be doing my last post in this series of monthly tablescapes. After completing 12 months of entries, I will be resigning from this self-appointed task, as it has caused more stress than I imagined it would. One of those oh won't this be fun? kind of ideas that turns sour at the end of every damn month as I scramble to put a table together. Somehow I managed to take the enjoyment out of this activity by adding the forced element. I am certain that I will post an occasional tablescape in the future... A spontaneous and unforced table, with enjoyment making an unexpected appearance.


May - LAST

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Angelina B. said...

I really love those French ceramic tulips! Of course I love fresh peonies too! The tablecloth is really nice. And I agree, you can set a nice table and not have to eat fancy food at it!

Mary Beth said...

Very springy tables ape! We were empty nesters this year! It wasn't too bad. We went to Maui in Feb.

Cindy Weis said...

Jan, love the table, colors and flowers really make me believe spring is on the horizon. We will miss the tablescapes, but understand what a stressful endeavor this was, maybe a casual one could be in the horizon? enjoy this one, you worked hard on it.