Apr 22, 2015

~ upholstered doors

Upholstered doors? I know. Sounded weird to me too. But I have come across them recently in several places. Always learning about new things over here, and guess what? Pinterest is way ahead of me per the usual. Once my curiosity was peaked, I typed upholstered doors right into that search box on Pinterest, and lo and behold, multiple specimens appeared before my eyes. 

I especially adore this Miles Redd room... those colors!

Looks like upholstered screens?

Very cool idea! I can't imagine this concept making it to the top of my decorating list anytime soon, but I like to save ideas just in case we win the lottery.
~all images are from my BFF Pinterest~

** For those of you who were expecting a post about the Chicago Antique Show, thank you for paying attention! And sorry for the disappointment. It's coming up next... I simply haven't had time to put the post together! 

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therelishedroost said...

Talk about visual impact, so cool!

Lisa said...

The ultimate in decadence! Padded doors! I love the paisley with brass plate. So gorgeous. i wonder if walls are an option. For those days when life gets just a little stressful. lol

Lisa B

Jhon Alexander said...

I am impressed with the ideas. Simply loving it. Lion Machine Embroidery Design