May 27, 2015

~ summer cleaning / closet organization

I apologize in advance...

It's safe to say I am passionate about organizing, cleaning, arranging, straightening... you get the idea. Consequently, I am perpetually drawn to images of obsessive closet organization. 

Love that turquoise ceiling!

Somehow no matter how much cleaning out I do, no matter how many hours I spend organizing, my closet never seems to exude the extreme gorgeousness that these closets do...

Perhaps it's the color coding and perfectly neat stacks...

The glass doors here are fantastic...

Color always seems to draw me in... LOVE this little girl closet!

I realize this is not realistic, yet I am still coveting this closet...

This lighting and open space = fabulous.

The washer and dryer!

Um hi.

One of my friends recently did her closet, and I mean...

It is really spectacular.


I've decided my efforts are better spent in the pantry...

Or the garage...

But in my dreams, I'll be in a dazzling and ultra~organized closet :)

My friend's closet:
Designer: Aaron Carlson
Architect: Bruce Frasier
All other images from Pinterest

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May 24, 2015

~ leron love

Just happened upon these fabulous Leron linens, and wow. 

A few years ago I did a post (here) on Leontine Linensand I thought I had found the most beautiful linens I had ever seen ~ definitely a monogram favorite find.

Then I found Walker Valentine. Equal in beauty and quality, my list of favorites began to grow ~ what a gorgeous collection of monograms!

Julia B was next...

And now, Leron...

Some of the most beautiful towels I've ever seen.

These alphabet pillows are amazing...

How about these angler guest towels and cocktail napkins?

I mean wow.

Visit the Leron website here.
Visit the Walker Valentine website here.
Visit the Leontine Linens website here.
Visit the Julia B website here.

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May 20, 2015

~ tangerine and turquoise 2

Found this on Pinterest and doesn't it look like summer?

We are in the midst of graduation galore and summer can't get here fast enough. June is right around the corner thank goodness. I am waiting with open arms.

Just love the color combo!
First tangerine and turquoise post here..

Congratulations to all the graduates out there!

Have a happy summer!

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May 17, 2015

~ hill top manor: part three

The beauty continues! Part three of this inspired home begins in the bedroom...

I am crazy about that mantle!

This oversized mirror at the top of the stairs sits next to the bedroom entrance...

Behind the bed, a closet was added... Sorry for the flash in the photo, but I want you to see the wall with the shaped doorway leading to the closet... pretty cool.

I love the tapestry over the bed!

As expected in a house of this age, there are lots of stairways and hallways ~ perfect for vignettes and collections.

Many of the paintings adorning the walls are the work of an artist residing in this lovely home. Love this space depicting an artist's hideaway...

What a charming office...

And here's the entrance to another office...

Powder bath...

I promise I will be going back for a thorough post of this stunning outdoor space when the pool is filled and the cushions are in place, but I couldn't help sharing a taste...

I mean it is quite spectacular...

Look at the size of those trees!


There's my favorite sunroom!

This is the final installment for this inspired home. I can't wait to go back for a full photo shoot of the grandiose outdoor gorgeousness... soon.

Thank you to my dear friends for allowing me to photograph and share this very special home. True artists, lovers of architecture and design, their home is a distinct reflection of their commitment to making this world a more beautiful place.

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