Jun 24, 2015

~ dining al fresco

Al fresco has a glamorous ring to it, doesn't it?

The Italian phrase literally means, in the fresh, open air. 

A picnic, equal parts charming and elegant...

Remember my al fresco tablescape from last June?

Love this space from Mary Douglas Drysdale!

A friend of mine recently shared this gorgeousness of a table. She happens to be in Italy, dining al fresco.  #jealous

Funny how an image can inspire an entire post... 

I'm taking a little vacation time from my computer... just a week or so. I'll be reading, relaxing, and dining alfresco! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Most images are from Pinterest, with a couple of my own images, and a friend's :)

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Jun 18, 2015

~ a mano

You guys, I found an old post I forgot to publish!

Just a few snapshots while shopping at one of my favorite shops,
 A Manoin Naples, Florida. LOVE these darling planters!

I adore Eva Gordon ~ especially the tangerines :)

I think I photographed these turtles last year also... Love them!

The courtyard just outside is such a fabulous space...

Visit the A Mano website here.

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Jun 14, 2015

~ inspired home: a timeless beauty part 2

This home's exterior has been a source of inspiration and beauty to me for 20+ years. 

When I met the new owners by chance, it was a dream come true to get to see the inside. But weirdly enough, it was just as exciting to see it up close and personal from the outside!

The home sits up on a hill in a charming location that doesn't lend itself to drive-by photos. In fact, it's on a curve of a road, and I've often swerved into the other lane while gazing out the window as I drive by.

Just can't quite sufficiently appreciate the details from the street...

Here are the doors leading to the park-like setting of a backyard...

I mean...

I'm thinking wedding central...

The expansive grounds stretch out in every direction...

A natural privacy wall of trees surrounds the property...

Looking back at the house...

The grounds of this property have taken years to evolve. The gardens were fairly overgrown when the owners took the house over, and as avid gardeners, they have done most of the updated maintenance themselves!

This is me in the driveway across the street with my camera out the window :) Hence the pole obstructing the perfect view... But look at the trees!

Me trying to cut out the pole. You can definitely see why this house has been a favorite drive-by of mine for the past 25 years. I love it.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see the inside, and enjoy it so intimately. 

It is wonderful to know that the people who reside in this timeless and classic beauty love it and cherish it. Thank you, as always, to the homeowners for being so generous in sharing their personal space. It is such fun to share inspiring images this way, and I know these inspired home posts are a highlight to so many of my readers. 

A very sincere thank you!

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