Jun 4, 2015

~ muntins and grilles

I had this great idea. I could spruce up my kitchen and show off my glassware collection at the same time. It would be easy... Just change out one set of cabinet doors with glass doors. For added charm, I thought I'd incorporate an interesting shape for the mullions muntins over the glass... I headed straight to Pinterest to investigate. How did I survive without Pinterest for inspiration/investigation?

This image shows most accurately what I was envisioning. 
Have you ever seen prettier mullions muntins?

I adore the honeycomb design!

First, I found lots of beautiful windows...

Then I noticed furniture and cabinetry with interesting designs...

And even a few kitchen cabinets...

Aren't these muntins spectacular with the mirror behind?

I called on the design team who helped me with my kitchen and loved what they came up with! Except guess what?

I requested thick glass, thick muntins, this, and that, and each special request added an extra charge. Why does this always happen to me? I thought this would be a quick and easy upgrade that would make a big splash. Instead, it was a big price tag which quickly made this upgrade not easy at all and impossible. For now. It's on the list :)

**Interesting tidbit:
The original title of this post was mullions. This is what I have always referred to as the wood that separates two or more pieces of glass in a window. Thanks to a comment on Facebook, I have discovered that what I'm referring to are actually called muntins or grilles! 

To clarify:
A muntin is a strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window.
A mullion is a bar or post that separates two window units or doors.
A grille is a group of fake muntins. A grille doesn't actually separate anything but creates a pattern that simulates traditional muntins. 

My guess is, many of the images above feature grilles as well as muntins. For my project, I would actually be using grilles for cost purposes...

For added confusion, an astragel is the same as a mullion except it sits between doors. (The annoying fixed post you sometimes see between pairs of doors..) 

LOVE when I learn new things from my posts :)

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Everyone is inspiring! Your readers love to learn new things too! Big ideas always cost big bucks -isnt that the horrible truth?

Sarah said...

I could live with any of these wonderful examples. Our kitchen cabinet glass doors have no muntins or grilles, but we are fortunate to have wonderful triangular shaped ones in our dining room windows. They are original to our 1930s home. ;-)
Good luck with your project. Keep dreaming. It may happen! '-)
Enjoyed the post. Thanks!