Jul 28, 2015

~ landscaping update

This yard 'o mine has been a work in process for quite some time. We moved in over 15 years ago and the back yard was literally grass and a fence. It was just fine with three little kids and a dog, but I longed for landscaping! 

We've certainly come a long way from grass and a fence, and it took every bit of the 17 years we've lived here to get to this point!

Lots of boxwood and yews...

Love the hemlocks! They have doubled in height since we planted them...

I am forever grateful for the mature trees in the neighborhood...

This year, I am finally feeling content. There are still a few things I'd like to do, here and there, but when I pull in my driveway, I smile with satisfaction. 

I have always been attracted to boxwood and ivy, and did an entire post with the title. Here. It's from 2011 and you can see how far my landscaping has come since then!!
With the color from the begonia beds and patio pillows, I love the simplicity of the green and white on the patio.

Last year, to assist with our unhealthy pachysandra in the front beds, Vickie Lea suggested filling in with blue salvia. She promised a sort of french countryside effect. We loved it! Perhaps not every year, but it was certainly a good cover up for the pitiful and pathetic pachysandra problem. Here's what it looked like after she planted in May/June...

But here's what it looked like by September!

This year, we did the same, but it just wasn't working. The salvia looked like weeds and we were unhappy. Bless Vickie Lea's heart! She replaced the blue salvia with white begonias and I think it's fabulous.. . I love the green and white!

The front pot got an upgrade too. Love! Sometimes artists need to do their thing and not be bothered with client ideas :) Again, green and white for the win.

This is the side patio outside my laundry room and back hallway...

I don't have that much variety in my landscaping... It's basically boxwood, pachysandra, yews, and hosta... hydrangeas here and there.

Just love the white begonia surprise!

Definitely feeling satisfied and grateful for the landscaping situation...

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Katherine said...

Your garden makes me swoon every time I see it. I love the levels and the layering of green.