Aug 30, 2015

~ symphony summer kick-off

Was happy to host the Omaha Symphony Guild Summer Kick-Off! What a beautiful night for a party...

Loved how Kyle Robino put the jumbo orange roses in my existing ivy... beautiful!

Ivy is always a favorite in my house... 

And outside...

The piece de resistance was the arrangement for the dining room table. Kyle Robino knows what I love. Dense flowers - no fillers :)

I mean wow. Those hydrangeas were as big as my head.

I had recently replenished flowers from the grocery store which sufficed for here and there...

My dear friend surprised me with a gorgeous Fortuny fragment a few months ago. Perfect to line this basket for forks!

Kyle also brought a few hydrangea from her yard to fill in my front pot... lovely!

Flowers: Kyle Robino / Old Market Habitat

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Aug 28, 2015

~ hillary moved!

As awesome as living in the Hancock building sounds, there is a certain "touristy" feel about living on Michigan Ave. Going to Walgreens means fighting the crowds. Going anywhere means fighting the crowds. After two years, Hillary began to long for the neighborhood feel of Lincoln Park. 
So when her lease was up this year, it seemed the perfect time to explore the possibilities of a move...
Moving is like a puzzle. Just as we did while moving my parents, we transported all the pieces from one place to another, placing each in the perfect spot until all they were all used up...
These MacKenzie-Childs plates were around her backsplash in her last kitchen. They were the cutest part of her old kitchen! But she loves her new backsplash, so here they are!

Her new apartment is painted a light grey and is the perfect color for everything she owns!

The windows let in so much light which is wonderful in person, but washes out the photos... Love the blonde hardwood floors! The yellow chevron drapes came with.

I love the space for a table and chairs ~ a dining room!

One of the antlers from the pair broke during the move. Now the single antler is hung over the TV across from this wall... 

The kitchen is much more updated and modern ~ a theme throughout the apartment.

Great closets!

The bedroom has floor to ceiling windows across one wall, again causing the lighting problem in the photos. But you get the idea.

The view from her bedroom :)

More closet space!

The balcony is such a great addition. Her views are spectacular! 
Looking to the left...

Straight ahead...

And to the right, a view of her old apartment :)

I couldn't get a good pic looking at the floor to ceiling windows, but the pair of sconces that used to be by her bed, are now perfect leading out to the balcony.

She is happy!

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