Sep 26, 2015

~ india hicks gathering

I think these are my favorite flowers Kyle Robino has ever produced...

And how about those hydrangea? 

The monstera leaf was the perfect addition for island inspiration...

The ruffly orange roses are to die for.

I had planned to have the gathering on the patio, but it rained and rained. 

And rained.

And rained.

 With India Hicks in mind, Kyle found a scarab beetle mold and had chocolates made. Of course she did :)

They were mistaken for charms! 

Just a few morning treats including Pecan Sticky Rolls,

Vegetable Crudite with Harissa Hummus...

Not pictured were Crab and Sweet Corn Fritters, Blackened Chicken Salad Puffs, and Tropical Fruit Skewers. 
Refreshing Limeade and Pineapple Spritzers with lemon verbena and toasted coconut were a hit!

I also picked up a few flowers from the grocery store to fill in here and there...
Hydrangea definitely placed first in the floral category...

You guys, India Hicks was extraordinary! She is stunning and oh so charming. .. What a treat it was to have her in my home. 

Check out her collection here.

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Lisa Guidry said...

Can you please give information about the pattern/manufacturer of the marblized green and white tureen on the first picture of this post and the tea/coffee pot that is in another picture in this post. This is a beautiful blog!

The French Tangerine said...

Lisa, the green you are referring to is aptware. In my sidebar, you will see a photo of a large collection of blue aptware. It's from a small town in France called Apt. I am taking orders - email me for more info. It's expensive and it may take a while, but if you are like me, you will be thrilled to get it when it finally arrives! I can order just about anything... In several colors. I adore it!! It's very hard to find and I was thrilled when the vendor contacted me!


Karena Albert said...

It is so great to now that you are also an India Hicks Style Ambassador!!
The women involved are all so encouraging and truly wonderful!!

The Arts by Karena