Sep 18, 2015

~ plaid #3

I've been pinning lots of plaid for fall...

This happens every year... Fall~Plaid~Pins~Post.
This year, the plaid pinning lead me back to this monogrammed Burberry cape. I WISH I would have bought it last year!

There's a whole new selection ~ all with the option to monogram.

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andee said...

I am really happy I did not buy the burberry last year. It now seems to
be stamped with a trend brand. I bought the Hermes equestrian ponchos and they will be forever classics.
Can you help me track down the scarf in the picture?
Any help.
Love you.

The French Tangerine said...

Andee - I'm sorry to tell you most of these scarves have been around for a while. I actually did a post on one of the scarves last year - from Zara. I believe the first one is also from Zara from the past...
Good luck finding just the right one!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much use I would get from those in Coastal Georgia, but they are tempting!