Oct 12, 2015

~ one last patio post

What a fantastical weekend of weather in Omaha, Nebraska! I am such a fan of fall. I love the change of seasons, and summer to fall is definitely one of my favorite times of year. 

I have a pillow update. LOL! I know I'm ridiculous. I had this fabric saved from an eBay purchase from a couple years ago when I was obsessed with making table toppers in gorgeous fabrics. I never used this classic Schumacher, Chiang Mai Dragon. Although I'm sure it would make a fabulous table topper, when it arrived, it seemed too luxurious and substantial to use for the table. So I tucked it away. 

Then, this summer I got all excited about blue and orange. I fantasized about adding this blue fabric to the patio with the existing orange pillows...  

I got eight pillows out of that blue fabric! My husband officially thinks I am a well-travelled traveller on the crazy train. 

I mean he's right. I don't need this many pillows! Except, I had a little mold problem come up this summer. One rainy day, we covered our chairs with damp cushions and pillows, and it continued to rain for an extended period of time. After returning from a short trip, we took off the covers to reveal a bunch of wet, moldy pillows. SO SAD!! 

I did the best I could to recover, but we definitely lost a few...  So eight new pillows didn't seem quite as extravagant.

But I don't really need eight, so if you are interested in buying a couple or a few, let me know!

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