Oct 15, 2015

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The French Tangerine is open for business!

Finally! I hope you will take a peek at what I've been working on for the past year! In the shop, you will find unique home furnishings, distinctive entertaining pieces, exclusive lines and fabulous finds. Access to awesome. Whether you make a purchase or just peruse, if you are inspired, mission accomplished.

The French Tangerine began as a blog in 2011. By 2015, an online shop seemed a natural progression. What a blessing to have put into practice the old adage, when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. In fact, I can no longer distinguish between work and play! I love nothing more than searching for and acquiring beautiful products for the shop. I have quite literally run out of room in my own home for continued home shopping to be justified. What's a girl to do? This, friends, is opening-the-shop reason numero uno.

My intention is to find distinctive home furnishings highlighting products not found in every department store. After doing a post in 2013 on Aptware, a beautifully marbleized faience pottery from a small town in France, I was overjoyed when I came across a skilled artisan and vendor residing in that region. The excitement when I found this elusive product was pure inspiration. The thrill of providing access to highly specialized and sought after products like this reveals opening-the-shop reason number two.

I am not a design professional. However I am a lover of fabulous interiors, and I enthusiastically celebrate the art of entertaining beautifully. The bottom line is I've had a bit of practice through trial and error experience, extensive research, and hours spent analyzing every possible option. And the thing is, I enjoy it. Immensely. This passion for design is yet another important motivation for opening this shop.

The encouragement from friends and family, (and complete strangers) for an outlet to order beautiful accessories for their homes makes up the final piece of the inspiration pie for this online shopping experience. I am thrilled to offer this resource and only hope that it brings inspiration and assistance to those looking to beautify their surroundings. 
  • Build rooms around personal pieces ~ special finds from travel, cherished family heirlooms, or treasured favorite pieces are the most important parts of a space and a good place to start when designing a room.
  • An emotional response to a found object is a good indicator that it will be treasured and adored for years to come… Don’t miss the opportunity to make a special find your own if it’s a possibility.
  • I believe in layering with textures and color, old and new, luxurious and practical, opulent and simple. Layers happen over time and designing a room doesn’t always happen overnight. Take your time and enjoy the layering process.
  • Designing with enthusiasm and passion leads to a beautiful home. I get pretty excited about wallpaper and fabrics. It’s what I love and it shows.
  • There is happiness to be found in beautiful color and detail… take the time and make the effort to turn your surroundings into a space that makes you happy.
  • Kindness is the greatest and most beautiful accessory. I mean I just love this. 
Think of The French Tangerine as an outlet connecting you, the shopper, to vendors you might not have access to otherwise. Please remember, this special connection doesn't allow me to ship out items from my "personal shop" instantly. Call me the middleman. You, the shopper, will place an order through me, and I instruct the vendor to ship directly to you. In some cases, there will be a bit of a delay involved. Also, the merchandise won't come wrapped in tangerine tissue paper and a pretty pink bow :) It will arrive directly from the vendor in whatever packaging they use.
Certain restrictions will keep me from selling several lines I would love to carry. Some vendors will only sell to brick and mortar shops, and some require exceptionally large minimum orders. However, I am thrilled with the access to awesome I will be providing!
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The enchanted home said...

Congrats Jan! I am out the door to be somewhere so will spend some time on it later..looks fabulous from what I saw. Excited for you:)

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Congratulations on the shop. Very pretty items. I wish you much success. I have followed your blog for a while now and know you will be a trusted source for many.