Oct 9, 2015

~ trace mayer museum bees

As I have reported before, several times, Trace Mayer hit the jackpot with his Museum Bees.

This was his "bee wall" during the 2013 Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show I chaired with my friend Kyle Robino...

If you have not heard about Museum Bees, here's what people are buzzing about: Trace uses antique frame fragments to form charming and interesting shapes. In the center, he places a Museum Bee. What has transpired over the years is a phenomenon anyone and everyone can get exited about and be a part of. Bees have expanded to include a plethora of other gems including horses, dragonflies, dogs, turtles, frogs, lions, and most recently, personal items such as an earring, a medal, or a special family heirloom. Oh! I just thought of a shell! Small antiques are my favorites including horse brass, pre-columbian pottery, or small bronze medallion.

If you are interested in spending several hours looking at Museum Bee specimens, visit the Museum Bee Inspiration page on Pinterest. A remarkable collection of images and inspiration! here

Here is one of my favorite posts on #tracemayermuseumbees. here

I have picked up a few bees at every show since he started carrying them. I love incorporating them in vignettes around the home...

This is my favorite ~ I love the cameo!

Love the horse brass on red!

And here is my collection I have been saving. I have an idea for a large collection, but it will take time... This project has required a lot of patience!

If you have a collection of bees, please send photos. (here) Trace likes to see how people display their Museum Bees, and I'd love to do a post showing Museum Bee display inspiration!

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Deborah Wilkins said...

I have been dying to get my hands on some of his bees. I scheduled a conference call with him one of the first times you posted about him and he did not call in for it. I have been too busy traveling for work to reschedule. Is there any easy way to acquire these without having to jump through all kinds of hoops? Does he have an on-line store to make this easy? I just bought a beautiful new home and would love to have his bees grace my "Carolina Low Country"!!!!

My affinity for bees comes from the fact that my name, "Deborah" translated from Hebrew means "Queen Bee". While I am not of the Jewish faith, I love the idea of being a "Queen Bee" (wink, wink)! What woman doesn't?


The French Tangerine said...

Deborah - I know Trace wishes it was easier to make the bees more accessible, but they move so fast! The very best opportunity for bee-buying is to visit his booth at an antique show! Try reaching out again.. I know he is happy to help :)
Love the Queen bee story!