Dec 29, 2015

~ glitter and gold

I am not typically into big celebrations on New Year's Eve. A quiet night at home sounds just perfect to me. ..
However, should I ever be inclined to celebrate the start of a new year, I believe I would consider glitter to assist with celebratory type activities... 

Have you seen this? This guy is not messing around. 
That is some dense glitter in that beard.

Doesn't this look festive? Gold definitely feels like a celebration...

Whether you celebrate in a big way or are a quiet reveler like me, I hope you are doing what you love and enjoying every minute of it this December 31st :)

(photos from Pinterest)

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Lady of the Woods said...

wow lolol that is just so intense and fun! Yes I would include glitter in that celebration if anything, but also for me a nice quiet nice is magical to begin anything....but those glitter pics got my imagination going lolol, thanks for this.

scribbles smiles said...

Haven't thought about using glitter for years. What cleaver ideas!