Dec 13, 2016

~ tangerine holiday wreaths

Not putting up a tree this year has allowed me a bit of free time. I have read several books, and I have even spent some time on Pinterest. 

My obvious attraction to tangerines is heightened during the holiday season when they are included with Christmas greens and decor.

Lemons, kumquats, clementines, any citrus will do!

Love the pine cones!

I was so excited about a tangerine wreath, I asked Patricia van Essche of pve design to create a monogram for me... I just LOVE it! And I love her!

Whimsical and charming artwork is what you get with Patricia... Exactly what I love! Click HERE to read more about her!

Want more? An old favorite post on wreaths: HERE
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Images from Pinterest

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Dec 6, 2016

~ december inspiration

You guys, remember how I could not get my act together for October decorating? Well, the trend continues. This blogger is not even putting up a tree this year. (insert wide-eyed emoji)
It just makes sense this year with our schedules. And guess what? No tree translates stress-free December!

Although the decor is not overflowing in my house this year, I am still inspired by the colors and the beauty of the season! Really loving blue and white with red and green this year.

This photo shoot progressed quickly...

I just kept adding more blue and white!

Then I moved to the living room...

 Switched color palettes...

Back to the living room :)

To the kitchen...

It's highly possible that this image is responsible for the above inspiration... 
(from Pinterest)

A few more of my recent favs from Pinterest...

This, from our recent trip to Chicago, is my top post on instagram this month...

Here are a few things from the shop to bring a little red or blue to your Christmas greens :)

Red museum bees

Blue or red placemats

Love these blue perle glasses (also in red)

These darling cocktail napkins are my favorite gift this season...

Even with no tree, I'm still enjoying some December inspiration...

And now, I'm going to go read my book :)
Happy December!

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Nov 18, 2016

~ fall inspiration

How about a little fall inspiration? It has felt like spring in Omaha, until today!

This may be the most beautiful fall tablescape I have ever seen. Perhaps a bit extravagant, but we are looking for inspiration. Carolyne Roehm does not disappoint. Ever.
(Except the fact that we can't order that china online, at an affordable price... That is, in fact, very disappointing)

More beautiful unattainable china...

I love that she is not afraid of color. She embraces it!
(Um, the china..)

 This gorgeousness is from Christian Tortu... 
Just found him on instagram, and wow.

Love how he used fruit in these arrangements... and that fern?

Reminded me of an instagram post from Frances Palmer...

This beauty is from Carolyne Roehm's most recent post.

This is from an old post I did at my SIL's house...

Now this is something anyone can add to a fall tablescape... Not extravagant and very charming!

White pumpkins add a little punch to any fall arrangement...

I recently re-posted this on instagram from Conscious Cooking... 
Isn't it just beautiful? I adore the colors...

Here's a little something I put together in celebration of aptware... 

Many of these images are from my instagram account. Instagram has been a wonderful source of inspiration for me, and I often use it to share new items in my shop. If you have been thinking about joining, I encourage you to sign up! 

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