Jan 21, 2016

~ mignon featured on cote de texas

Although I recently posted an inspired home post featuring my friend Mignon, here, I could not be more excited to share this second post on the very same.

I sent the images from the last post to Joni from Cote de Texas, and she went nuts. I expected she would appreciate the quality of the antiques, the fabrics, and Mignon's design aesthetic. Showing her experience and expertise as a blogger, Joni requested that I take photos during the day next time.

 So my next trip to Atlanta, I did just that, and the photos do not disappoint.

Gerrie Bremermann, who Joni admires and has included in several posts, here and here and here, is Mignon's godmother. Mignon has a similar aesthetic, and her love of French antiques is obvious, having grown up in New Orleans surrounded by antiques her entire life. 

She definitely has a look, and it is stunning. Using a very deliberate pastel palette requires such discipline, and exhibits her refined taste beautifully...

The modern touches mixed with the elegant antiques are perfection...

The velvet sofa is a shade of the palest pink, and is quite something...

The contemporary mirrored coffee table is my favorite...

I love the way Mignon accessorizes. It makes me want to sell everything in my house and start over. So elegant, not overdone, the perfect combination of modern and antique.

I love the fortuny fabric on the crusty chairs... Crusty is my fav!

The chandelier is perfection!

Looks like the cover of AD or Veranda!

This post features only the living room... You can read more about Mignon and her home in Joni's post on Cote de Texas here
I will be posting more photos this week on Mignon's home. I have such a hard time editing photos as is evident in this post. I just want to share everything! 

Mignon is in the antique business and will be in Nashville at the Antique Show this February. She also has a space in The Stalls in Atlanta. What you see in her home is a perfect representation of the antiques and artwork she sells. In fact, if you see something you love, she might be willing to part with it, or she can find something similar for you. Contact her here!

More to come!

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