Feb 21, 2016

~ shane connolly

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The charming and entertaining Shane Connolly treated his audience to an incredible demonstration. After hand selecting containers from the Nashville Antiques & Garden Show, Shane chose the floral ingredients for the dozen arrangements he created. He wowed the audience with both extravagant and simple renditions of floral beauty.

The sheer scale of some of the arrangements was extraordinary!

Loved the light yellow tulips in this stunner...

This was a favorite of mine.. I wondered what in the world he was going to do with that huge rusted bowl?? He tucked in gorgeous bunches of daffodils and added moss. Shane is a firm believer in working in harmony with the planet. He tries to use seasonal flowers, and doesn't use oasis if at all possible! 

It was hard to get good photos.. There were hundreds of people wanting a good shot. Hence, the water bottle, etc. I was happy to get the whole arrangement in the photo!

Loved this Valentine-inspired arrangement with pinks, purples and reds...

This sweet little arrangement had my favorite ~ anemones!

The turquoise bottles were a brilliant choice!

Another stunning pairing...

These containers were my favorites, and the flowers were gorgeous.

He created a vignette on stage with topiaries...
(horrible pic, but had to share)

The arrangements back in their booth ~ Caroline Faison Antiques...

I have grown quite fond of Shane's organic approach to floral design. You may remember him as the floral designer for Will and Kate's wedding. Not overdone, simple and elegant, Kate's bridal bouquet was filled with lily-of-the-valley, symbolizing a return to happiness. White hyacinths for constancy, and Sweet William for gallantry (and of course the groom!) were also included. The myrtle was taken from a plant grown from the myrtle used in The Queen's wedding bouquet of 1947.

And of course the infamous trees leading to the altar ~ English Field Maples and Hornbeams. Much of the greenery came straight from the royal estates, and the majority of the flowers came from Windsor Great Park. Shane remarked several times about Kate being a dream client. She was very interested in the symbolism of the flowers, and the sourcing. The trees were later replanted in the National Memorial Arboretum.  The flowers and plants were donated to charity if they could not be replanted. 
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Some of my Shane Connolly favorites...
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Feb 14, 2016

~ nashville antique show 2016

I have just returned from Nashville and feel as if I've been to Hollywood! After introducing myself to Christopher Spitzmiller at breakfast, I ran into Margo Shaw of flower magazine, and P. Allen Smith. Then I saw Gwyneth Paltrow, Windsor Smith, Suzanne Rheinstein, Brian Murphy, Shane Connolly, and Mark D. Sikes featured in various lectures, panels, and presentations. There were other celeb-status individuals at the show throughout the weekend, including Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow, surely taking advantage of the beauty and inspiration that can be found at the Antique & Garden Show of Nashville

The dealer booths!

As overwhelming as the show can seem, of all the antique shows I've been to of this size, it is fairly easy to navigate ~ especially as a repeat customer.

Several of my very favorite booths are at the entrance...
This miniature garniture set was my favorite thing at the show. Just dying over it...

The flowers in this container were done by Shane Connolly, aka floral artistic director for the royal wedding of Will and Kate. I will be doing an entire post on his lecture. He was amazing. 

He chose containers from the show and filled them for a delightful presentation ~ almost two hours and a dozen containers!

I think it's safe to say I want everything in this vignette...


 Jayne Thompson Antiques never ceases to impress...

Snapping some favorites while walking around...

Loved this interesting piece featuring tiles of European Composers...

A new favorite find ~ The Compleat Flea from Atlanta

Paris & Co from Kansas City...

Could this vignette be any prettier?

Not sure how I feel about that red solo cup in the vase :) But everything else, pure LOVE.

What an amazing collection of fortuny pillows!

This display was really spectacular!

I could spend all day in this booth... Lots of special finds. 
Look at all the tartan!

Of course, Trace Mayer Antiques was my first stop to pick up some more bees for the shop :) 

This table was a showstopper! 

Would have loved to take this pair of chairs home from Thomas M. Fortner Antiques!

A beautiful show for certain. So much inspiration. ..

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