Jun 19, 2016

~ patio part two and a nest

Over the past couple weeks, I have watched a robin build her nest, from start to finish, inside the second ball of the topiary on the far right. Although she spilled a few twigs, and some mud and grass, she has constructed a sturdy and safe nest for her beautiful blue eggs.

She doesn't seem to mind when I'm sitting... 
I've even recorded her in action. 
Coming and going...

When I go out to water, I forget about the mom and her nest. But when I get close, she reminds me she is there.

She flies out at me and tells me to leave her alone and get away from her eggs.

I tell her not to worry. I'm only watering the plants, and then I'll leave her be...

A couple weeks ago, I stood on a chair and saw one egg. My husband peeked the other day and saw four eggs.

Mama Bird has become much more protective lately... 
Maybe there will be baby birds in time for Father's Day!

I tried to get close enough to get a pic of the eggs, but I don't want to disrupt.. 

Lots of potential boxwood homes!

While watering the front porch the other day, a bird swooped at my husband. Then he saw the nest by the front door...

He carefully removed the beginnings of a nest ~ twigs and grass ~ to avoid future confrontations between Mama Bird and any visitors coming to our front door.

Except I just looked out the front door window to make sure she didn't come back...

She came back alright.

 Major nest.

Better birds than wasps?

Happy Father's Day!

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Jun 13, 2016

~ The HighBoy

Have you heard of The HighBoy?
I'm obsessed.

I noticed an advertisement at an antique show last year, and although interested, I didn't pursue until recently. What a find! As much as I adore going to antique shows, traveling to Nashville or Chicago or San Francisco is not always feasible. The HighBoy is a wonderful solution or alternative for this travel predicament, and might even be a preferable choice for many antique lovers.

The HighBoy is a website offering a carefully curated selection of exceptional antiques with a wide range of styles. From modern to antique, ranging from the 17th Century to the 20th Century, you can find an unparalleled collection of beautiful antique furnishings, jewelry and fine art. 

I have often found that looking back at photos of favorite items is the best way for me to shop for antiques. It allows me to be in the comfort of my own home, check measurements, and really contemplate the purchase rather than making an impulsive buy on the spot. When I go to antique shows, I take photos of favorite pieces and share in a blog post for readers to enjoy and shop. Similarly, The HighBoy carefully selects the best antique dealers, and those dealers upload their antiques in one place for our convenience. I was thrilled to find that many of my favorite dealers from my travels are featured on The HighBoy! It's like an online antique show! Rigorous vetting by industry experts guarantees authenticity. 

Looking for that perfect side table, chair or antique accessory? The HighBoy is also an excellent tool for performing specific searches. Rather than purchase an antique chair on the spot, The Highboy allows you to consider other options from the comfort of your home.

While perusing the site recently, I was drawn to this piece. Although I was not in the market for this Grand Tour Carved Stone Plaque of Torquato Tasso, a 16th Century poet from Sorrento, how could I possibly resist the tangerine background? I could not.

And how about this collection of keys? Again, the color gets me every time!

You can even search a color... like green :)

 This side table with a needlepoint top? Adore it.

Be still my heart...

Look for more end tables here and here.

I find myself being drawn to more modern pieces recently. I love the mix of modern with antique. This pair of Modern Organic Teak Wood Pedestal Tables are perfection.

Burlwood Cube Table ~ Milo Baughman Style

Want this for my kitchen...

This French Caned Wine Cooler is so fabulous! I'd love to fill it with flowers!

As I'm scrolling through accessories, lo and behold, I see this beauty from Caroline Faison, one of my favorite dealers! I've actually seen this Dutch Delft Posset Pot in person at an antique show!

Same story with this diminutive garniture set... I actually featured these beauties in my post from the Nashville Antique Show!

To. Die. For.

Perfect for summer drinks on the patio!

Early 18th Century Louis XIII Style Table/Desk

Um, hello.

(To see more chairs, just visit the chair category! here)

Love the red feather detail!

How about this tulip shaped Art Deco table? Again, dying.

Charles Faudree would have bought this 18th Century Carved Bull if he saw it. I'm just sure of it. He used similar pieces in his design work many times.

 Italian Neoclassical Style Painted Commode

I simply must find a spot for these Italian Tole Urns...

 French Zinc Painted Bucket


I must warn you. The HighBoy can turn into a dangerous addiction quite rapidly. Just when you think you don't need one more thing, just when you think you are completely satisfied with what you have, you will find the perfect thing you can't live without. Perhaps in multiples. It's all good... If you have a few extra hours to do some online shopping for stunning antiques and fine art, you are in luck.  

Also, visit their blog, The Weekly, here. The Weekly brings together the people, objects, and ideas that unite design, art and antiques.


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Jun 6, 2016

~ new haven

Spent the weekend in New Haven, Missouri visiting my brother and his family. Their property is amazing! Their house was originally built in the 1800's and has been renovated to maintain some of the original look and details. 

Check out the kitchen below. The incredible upgraded cabinets beautifully conceal high tech appliances including a dishwasher, refrigerator, and ovens.

Those walls! I've never seen anything like it!

The house is full of rooms. It took me 2 days to find my way around. This space is off the back porch and is open to the kitchen and pantry. Sort of a breakfast room...

Here is another dining space off the kitchen...

Charming stencil designs were used throughout the house around the doors and windows, and as added detail here and there... I was obsessed!

This door leads to a huge pantry. My brother and his wife have 4 boys, ages 15, 15, 15, (triplets) and 13 :) So the pantry is stocked and used on a regular basis as you can imagine. 

This is a side door and entryway which leads to a charming herb garden just outside...

Another side door that opens to the herb garden.

The herb garden has the most spectacular views of the property...

The expansive grounds are amazingly green and lush.

This is my youngest nephew taking my mom (Grammy) on a ride. ATVs are not hard to find with this acreage and 4 teenage boys.

I adored all the light fixtures!

More stenciling...

The doors are all painted and have this awesome hardware...

Storage space in the hall, stenciling.

One of five bedrooms!

Love the painted french doors to the bathroom...

My favorite painted door!

All the bathrooms have these pottery bowl sinks.

Back outside, there are multiple barns and other structures on the property...

This barn is so impressive!

I mean, wow.

Grammy on a ride!

The herb garden...

This porch leads to that breakfast room outside the kitchen...

This visit felt similar to living in a boys dorm. My youngest son, my brother's four sons, plus another boy cousin = lots of teenage boys!

Obviously, I am sharing only a taste of this house. After all, I was there visiting family. Plus, this house has so many rooms! There are living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, rec rooms, bedrooms,  bathrooms, even a basement. Oh! The laundry room was as big as my family room! 

This kind of rustic charm is not something you see everyday. I soaked up all the details and couldn't wait to share! Maybe next time I'll get even more. Can you imagine this beautiful property in the fall? 

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