Jun 2, 2016

~ patio and pots 2016 part one

Summer is here and I am slowly getting my patio organized. We are ordering new patio furniture to replace and add to our existing situation. After finally working out our decisions, of course, the pieces are backordered. I do not do well with backorders!

In the mean time, the rest of my yard is looking just fine...

Lots of things still falling from trees... always a process! Everyday, I take a small broom and brush off the patio furniture... You can see what happens by the afternoon on the cushions below.

For the first year, I planted my boxwood topiaries in the backyard over the winter. It worked! They are alive and well and replanted in their pots for summer!

 More boxwood, and begonias from March!

I almost threw those begonias away, but put them on the patio instead. They not only survived the frigid March temps, but have really done well out there!

Always look forward to the astilbe blooming..

Everything seems super green and lush this year!

Stay tuned for more patio pics!! Still waiting for some boxwoods to fill more pots.. I will do a post before the new furniture arrives, and after obviously :)

Happy Summer!

If you are itching for some patio inspiration, here are my past posts on the evolution of my patio... 2013 was a really good year!

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